Tellus Science Museum

With besties B&B in town for a quick stint, we were thrilled to not only spend the day with them, but to also finally make the ride up North to the Tellus Science Museum.  There was loads to do and it’s pretty safe to say that the adults had just as much fun as the littles exploring the exhibits.

The PCP, an avid rock collector like his daddy, went wild in the mineral exhibit.

The Science in Motion Gallery was chocked full of pretty amazing things…from cars to jets to rockets.

The Big Backyard Gallery featured loads of hands on experiments and interactive exhibits, our favorite being the circuit boards.

The littles absolutely adored panning from minerals and digging for fossils, and were thrilled to have little baggies of unearthed treasures to bring home.  The shark’s teeth were definitely the most coveted finds.

But it with impressive things like dinosaurs, saber tooth tigers and a megladon shark jaw, it was the Fossil Gallery that stole the show.  Oh, and the dinosaur poop…I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the dinosaur poop.
We’re already looking forward to our annual summer visit to B&B’s little slice of paradise!
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