Fully Charged

For Christmas this year the littles each received four gifts: do, read, want, need.  For the baby’s “do” gift, he got tickets to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily circus! 

With a Fully Charged theme, the show was resplendent with all sorts of electrifying scenes and stunts.  The littles literally sat perched on the edge of their seats, awe struck and mesmerized from the moment the ring master commenced the show with those infamous words “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…”
February 2012 456
February 2012 466
Being the peculiar little thing that the PCP is, his favorite part of the three ring show was singing our National Anthem.  (And I must admit that it brought a tear to my eye to see him stand so proudly, hand over heart and earnestly belt out most of the words.) 
February 2012 439
February 2012 464
I always adore the tight rope artists.  Let’s be honest, I harbored thoughts of becoming one back in the day.  (Way, way back in the day.) 
February 2012 452
At intermission, the littles got to each choose their long awaited treat.  And, as expected, they went for the sno cones.  Again.  (How many strangely shaped cups does one family need?)
February 2012 462
February 2012 460
And when the show resumed, Honey’s favorite act was cued up…the “human fuze” was completely lit on fire and went catapulting across the arena in about two seconds flat.  I must admit that it was pretty impressive.
February 2012 478
As for our little guest of honor, he was positively smitten with the talented pack of pachyderms.  I’m not sure that he blinked during their entire performance.
February 2012 485
February 2012 481
After the show, we treated the littles (read: ourselves) to Felini’s – our favorite college pizza joint.  As expected, the place was teeming with students, the vibe was edgy, the pizza was delish and we juuuuust didn’t quite fit in.
February 2012 492
There’s nothing I love more than an outing with my three favorite boys! 

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  1. So glad to hear the show was great! The circus is in my neck of the woods next month and we already have tickets to take our three boys. Can't wait!!!! Oh and I believe we have that same white tiger snow cone cup from our last circus outing….little boys think alike :-)

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