Historic Roswell Eats, Drinks and Ghosts

Last night we headed to historic Roswell with besties E, N and C and their gaggle of misters.  The evening commenced with dinner and drinks at the eclectic Nine Street Kitchen on trendy Canton Street.

Afterwards, we nearly had to run down to the square for the evening’s main event – the Roswell Ghost Tour!  The two-and-a-half hour walking tour is led by a guide that shares the “charm and mystery of the deep south through ghost stories.” This was my second time on the tour and I found the thrills, chills and sheer history of the spirits residing behind the walls of the antebellum mansions, historic cemetery and ruined mill just as fascinating this time around.
April 2012 622
We visited Bulloch Hall…what is that bright white light in the second photo??  Dust to the cynic in the group :-)
April 2012 615
April 2012 600
…we headed to Founder’s Cemetery on the other side of the square…
April 2012 647
April 2012 642
…next stop was a few of the original homes of the mill workers…
April 2012 650
…and just a short walk away are the bricks.  I was taking this last picture when I got incredibly spooked and realized I was lagging behind a bit.  What are those black marks??  They aren’t in any of the other pictures of this building.April 2012 662
…and we wrapped up our tour at the “spooky house”.  It was once the residence of the town hangman and it IS legitimately and eerily creepy.  It just feels bad. 
April 2012 667
And while our night was seemingly free of paranormal activity, walking the line between the living and dead was a frightful good time with a group of forever friends.

Oh, and before we leave the subject of historic Roswell, at the request of bestie N and the new MW, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with y’all the fabulous drinks at INC.  Per the text I received late Friday night, “on the left is the refreshing Peach Margarita (which isn’t on the menu) and on the right is the INC margarita that boasts a Chambord Raspberry Liquor floater.” 
photo (26)
Based on your descriptions and the humorous state of your texts and e-mails, I’m adding it my “must drink” list.  Stat.  Sounds like a fab way to wash down INC’s seriously divine Al Pastor pork tacos!  *drool*

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4 thoughts on “Historic Roswell Eats, Drinks and Ghosts

  1. It looks like there is an "orb" on the left side of the roof in the picture above the one with the black shadows!!! Creepy… :)

  2. Lots of fun in Roswell!!! I love mine and MWs cocktail pic. We will all make plans to go have a few cocktails at INC soon:) xoxo

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