Lego Land Discovery Center

The PCP’s big surprise reward for mastering ONE HUNDRED books was a family outing to Atlanta’s newest attraction…The Lego Land Discovery Center!  It was a spectacularly fun filled day of building, experimenting, learning and exploring.  There is so much to see and do – we spent three hours inside and didn’t miss a thing!   The first stop at Lego Land is the Lego Factory where you learn just how the bricks are made.  We each left with our very own commemorative brick! April 2012 686 April 2012 685 Our next stop was the Kingdom Quest ride, where we climbed aboard chariots and set out to defeat the skeletons, vanquish the trolls, and rescue the captured princess in a laser tag adventure! April 2012 687 April 2012 688 Miniland was just stunning.  The sights and scenes of Atlanta literally came to life with 1.5 million Lego bricks!  The room turned from day to night, while buildings illuminated and a Delta plane flew over head.  The littles were mesmerized and Honey and I were just completely wowed! April 2012 689 April 2012 692 April 2012 695 April 2012 694 April 2012 696 April 2012 699 April 2012 701 On the Merlin’s Apprentice attraction, we pedaled as fast as we could to help Merlin conjure his magic.  The faster you pedal the higher you go, all while whirling around and around!  April 2012 706 April 2012 709 We spent eons at the Earthquake Tables – trying our hand at building all sorts of towering creations and then seeing which structures could best withstand the earthquakes.   April 2012 719 April 2012 724 At the Lego Racers Build and Test area, we teamed up to build two different cars and had a grand time trying them out on the ramps and tracks!  Cookie could have stayed here for hours. April 2012 729 April 2012 732 April 2012 738   April 2012 735 The last stop on our Lego adventrue was the 4D Cinema.  We sat on the edge of our seats, following along on Clutch Powers’ adventure, complete with rain, snow, wind and lightening!! April 2012 742 April 2012 741 If you go: – Look on line at the Lego Land Discovery Center website for the best ticket price deals. – Be sure the littles have socks.  They cannot enter the Lego Fire Academy play structure without them. – Food in the Lego Friends Café does not come cheap.  Plan to eat before or after your visit. – Don’t be scared to take the little ones.  Whit (age 3) had just as much fun as John (age 6)! – The only exit is through the store.  We knew this going in and agreed on a set amount of money (saved from his allowance) that could be spent. – Adults are only permitted entry with children in tow.  If anyone wants to borrow mine, just let me know :-) April 2012 678 copy Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the PCP, the whole family enjoyed a fantastic day at Lego Land!    Can’t wait for him to master 100 more! xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Lego Land Discovery Center

  1. Wow, who would have known , a small locking block would have it's own world. Great photos. Good job on reading for your young one. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  2. My granddaughter is a Lego fanatic!…We went to Lego Land in Florida this past December…It was awesome!

    She recently had a birthday party with a Lego theme…it was a great party and the talk of the town…it got back to our local Lego store of a guy who built an awesome Lego speedway ramp..(my hubby)….when at the Lego store, the store clerk was talking about how many children were in the store talking about this birthday party and the awesome activities and the "ramp"…my proud hubby, politely answered, that was me!…I will soon be posting about it…

    Looks like the entire family had a wonderful time!!

  3. so fun! we have one in dfw area and my 3 boys love it! fyi…if you subscribe to the lego club magazine there is usually a free ticket in each issue. there is a lego club jr. mag too.

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