Tom Petty

We spent our Sunday evening hanging out with besties A & D listening to the legendary tunes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers under a clear southern sky.  Source: Tom Petty We tailgated top down in Honey’s Jeep – some of us sipping on strawberry coconut daiquiris (made from our fresh picked fruit!) and another of us throwing back Gin and FUZE.  Who might that have been???  Not Inside, we laid out our blankets and relished in some of our favorite music of all time.  Free Fallin’ took me back to Mr. Priestly’s seventh grade and Wildflowers to my freshman year at Tech.  Wonderful and timeless. photo (2) photo (1) With that, I’ve got to hop in the shower and get this day going.  Much to do before the PCP gets home from school! xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Tom Petty

  1. Did you know that Tom Petty started his college career at the Air Force Academy? He didn't graduate, though. I guess that's not a surprise. Our son went to the Academy, and all of the guys wondered which room was Tom's during his time there.

  2. Your evening looks like a wonderful time. Perfect weather before our days and evenings are so hot. Saw your link at Alison's PH.
    Your southern neighbor………

    The French Hutch

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments!! I LOVE your blog too!! So jealous of your concert! So, that table I originally bought and used indoors. During the winter we kept it inside or under our porch. It does not have any coating on it but its on my list. I also was thinking of trying to find a cover to throw on when it rains. We bought it at a repurpose shop for a 100 bucks so i haven't been too worried about. I put those knobs on from Anthropologie. Its one of my favorite pieces!

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