A No Good Very Bad Idea

Everyone down South is ranting about the heat wave, as record highs are relentlessly beating down on Georgians from one end of the state to the other.  So what did we do on the hottest day of the year?

Why, go to a four o’clock Braves game, of course.  A no good very bad idea, indeed.
photo (25) It was so hot that the seat burned the backs of my legs.  Eight Powerades, two bags of peanuts and three boxes of Cracker Jacks later, the littles were finally begging to go.  It was hands down the most torturous hour and fifteen minutes of my year thus far.
photo (24)As for today, if I’m not at the pool you’ll find me tucked away in my den with the lights off and curtains drawn.

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3 thoughts on “A No Good Very Bad Idea

  1. too bad! it's such an effort getting settled into that stadium. I heard the braves were playing at 4:00 yesterday and I thought "who in the world would battle the heat to go to the game"- just the die hearts I guess!

  2. Oh I hate that your ballpark time was miserable. Those hot seats , it's scary. My g.daughter burned her arm on the metal door to our garage.. Hope your next fun day out is much better. Smiles, Susie

  3. I can only imagine the heat at Turner Field. We were in North Georgia yesterday and it was hot there as well. I think you did the right thing in going home!!

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