Meet and Greet and Treats {Free Printable}

We spent our day yesterday anxiously awaiting the posting of class lists for the new school year.  At four on the dot we were in the school parking lot pouring over the list of Mrs. B’s first grade class!!  I snapped a quick pic of the list and last night we looked everyone up in the yearbook so that the PCP could see his new classmates. 

Today was back-to-school spirit day and John could hardly wait to proudly escort us to the first grade wing of the school.  His new teacher is young, extremely friendly and remarkably organized.  We should get along splendidly!  John had a great time exploring the class room, sorting his school supplies and settling into his new DESK!  I seriously went a little weak in the knees when he walked straight up to Mrs. B and said “Hi Mrs. B.  I’m John W.  It’s nice to meet you!”  Fingers doubly crossed that he keeps that up all year :-)  (Are those black tennies not the most atrocious things you’ve ever laid eye on???  He was literally hugging them and professing his love for them in the store.  How could I say no?)
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I thought the Back to School Magic Confetti in his folder was too too sweet.  We will definitely be putting this out next to his bed come Sunday night!
photo (73) copy

After tossing about loads of ideas for a little Meet & Greet treat with Mother and Sister, we decided to start the year off with a new book for Mrs. B’s classroom library and a set of personalized book plate stickers.  The PCP predictably chose a Phineas and Ferb reader and already looks forward to picking it to bring home one night once school starts.  Inside is a special label saying “For the library of Mrs. B – From John W. – 2012.”  He also made a card for her this morning.
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I printed mine on full page label paper and then cut them into 3” x 4” stickers.  You could also print on cardstock and just tape into your books.  Download a free printable below. 

Every time I put a free printable out there I get loads of requests for personalized versions.  Soooo, I’m thrilled to be able to offer this for just $3 in my new etsy store.  See the listing here!

Book Plate

When we finished up in the classroom, we headed to the gym to pick up his new school t-shirt and to sign up for the Chess Club.  Sounds awfully scholarly – but you know what they say about the apple and that tree. 

I’m terribly proud of John for being so brave as he embarks on his first grade adventure.  And of myself for holding back the tears…for now.  It seems like we were down the hall in Kindergarten just yesterday! 

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13 thoughts on “Meet and Greet and Treats {Free Printable}

  1. OMGoodness, this brings back memories. Sounds like he has a wonderful teacher, and will have a fabulous year. Love the special touch of the magic confetti. I remember our girls coming home one year early on with a paper bag filled with goodies and sayings to go along with. Precious. We will be dropping our "baby" off at college next Thursday. Enjoy it, it really does go by quickly!

  2. Have a great new school year, John. Uncle Ron and you return to school next week. I bet YOU are more excited than me. xo

  3. Very cute! No more "littles" at our home. Hope you keep expanding the etsy site. I want some of the cute things you have found. Tiny town problems…Sigh.

  4. Hey, LOVE that you have started an etsy shop :) I hope you get many orders!! We don't start our back to school stuff for awhile. Boys go back on 9/5.

  5. I laughed when you mentioned your son's new black shoes. My 15 year old wears black ankle socks(!!!) with his shoes (AND Nike flip flops) for goodness sake. "All the boys wear them." is what he says! I am looking forward to a new look! Ha! Your son is adorable-I hope that he has a wonderful year!

  6. Rolling laughing at the shoes – A did the exact same thing! Some horrible black and orange sketchers that B had already approved before I arrived (prioritized the Ross housewares shopping above school shoes and I guess I paid the price!) XOXO – once we find out teachers, I may buy some of those labels :)

  7. Love the idea of looking his classmates up in the yearbook! We will be doing that once our list is published! I hope your big little has a great 1st grade year! :)


  8. What a great printable for book plates and a fun way to start the school year. Just dropped my son off at the 2nd grade door an hour ago…hope his day is going well!

    Found you through Uncommon Designs

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