Happy Birthday Mother!

Happy birthday to a Mother like no other.  She’s beautiful, smart, talented, loving, fun, patient, giving and an inspiration to me every single day.
December 2012 040

Two of your grands also wanted to convey their birthday wishes in their very own energetic and somewhat strange way…

We love you!!  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the King as well…wherever he may be.

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mother!

  1. Well, you know the first thing I do each morning (after coffee w/Bailey's Creme Brulee) is look at your blog. And, what a nice entry today! I am the lucky one to somehow have had such a wonderful family, no doubt. Thahk you for starting my birthday off on such a great note. And, now to my 6 month's dentist appt.!
    (And let's not forget Elvis…..where's my Cadillac?!?)

  2. Beautiful photo of the 3 of you and the kid's video should be on youtube. :) I'm a "Mimi" too and I know how much this means to your mom.

    Hope she has a great celebration!

  3. Seeing your sweet boys having so much fun together makes me so excited for the future of our family-I have a 2.5 year old boy and just had another baby boy 5 weeks ago-of course I was the girl who knew she'd have all girls and what?! 2 boys, no way jose! But, boys are just so sweet and 2 so close in age makes me so excited for them and for us to do so many fun activities together as a family!!!!

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