“Yes!” Day

We wrapped up a long and luxurious (in the pj wearing, game playing, tv watching kinda way) Christmas break this week with “YES!” day.  You know… the kind of day where I say “Yes!” to all of their requests. 

Can we have biscuits and jelly for breakfast?  Can we have two oreos EACH for breakfast dessert? Yes! and Yes! (what on earth is breakfast dessert???!!!!)

Can we play Sorry and drink hot tea?  Yes!  (I’ll be the first to admit that they are unique.  I call them “rare breeds.”)
photo 1 (28)

Can we leave the TV on all day long and never turn it off?  Yes!  (currently the baby is enthralled with the SJP Seasme Street episode)
photo 2 (28)  
Can we have mickey mouse chicken nuggets, bell peppers and TWO MORE oreos for lunch and lunch dessert?  Yes! YES! and Yes!

Can we play dominos until you want to pull your (dirty, unwashed and uncombed sick) hair out?  Yes!
photo 3 (23) 
Can we sword fight?  Yes! (as long as it’s outside and as long as you don’t make a scene seeing as I have on PJs, have not showered in I lost count of how many days and have vapor rub all over my chest and feet)
photo 4 (15)

Can we play more games when daddy gets home?  Yes!
photo 4 (16) 
(After bubble baths (Yes!) and new clean PJs) Can we get all the legos out and have the biggest battle ever?  Yes!
photo 1 (29)

And… can we take all the pillows of the beds and make a fort?  Yes!
photo 2 (29)

How this is different than any other day I am not exactly sure.  That being said, I sure am going to miss these days…
photo 5 (8)

I suppose I’d best get to it.

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11 thoughts on ““Yes!” Day

  1. I don't know if I would last one hour on a "Yes" day with my boys! I am sure they would totally take advantage of me and I would lose my mind. Your kids are so cute – I am glad you all had fun and I hope you are feeling better!

  2. We call them "Jammie days" and sometimes they are just what you need. My kids live for them! Oh and mine ask for breakfast snack and lunch snack. Of course, dinner snack is their favorite time of day. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. How fun! I love this idea because I feel like we have way to many no days…I think I see a yes day coming up in our home soon!

  4. How great is that.. yes day! I love hearing stories like this. It warms my heart to see a mom who is so involved with her little ones. Moms like you grow little boys who grow up to be young men that some lucky girl will say yes to at the altar. As a mom of girls…. I say thank you!

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