For Love (and Money)

Tomorrow the littles will be thrilled to receive a box of chocolates AND money for Valentine’s Day!

February 2013 047 copy
I found the little heart shaped chocolate boxes in the dollar spot at Target.  I raided Honey’s wallet (why DID he have so many $1 bills?!?!  :-) ) and coin cache and folded up a few bills and coins in the chocolate slots.  And then, because I am pretty sure I read somewhere that money is generally super germy and dirty, I cut little parchment squares to cover the money before putting the chocolates back in.

February 2013 039 copy

February 2013 042 copy

All things considered, they rang up at about $5 a piece and I have no doubt it will make the littles’ day a little sweeter.

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7 thoughts on “For Love (and Money)

  1. I just did this, too! But, my son got the box with the money and my daughter got a bag with the chocolates I had taken out of the box of chocolates! Lol! She prefers candy and my son prefers money! :)

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