Tucker Gowan Memorial Scholarship

I’m taking a wee break today from decorating, crafting and child rearing to share the story of a great undertaking by a great friend for a great cause.  Our dear, dear friend Todd is celebrating his 10th cancer free year this year.  He is truly one of the most remarkable men that Honey and I have ever had the great fortune of knowing; the kind of person that gives selflessly and effortlessly and inspires good in all that he touches.

Over the last year, Todd, myself and countless others followed Tucker Gowan, a family friend to Todd, as he bravely battled cancer.  Tucker beat the disease but tragically lost his life to other complications.

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In recognition of this hallmark year for Todd, he is not only running a half marathon in Tucker’s honor, but he is raising money for an annual scholarship in Tucker’s name.  The goal is to recognize one Pomperaug High School student each year, for the next twenty years, who embodies the spirit and overall zest for life that Tucker exemplified each and every day.

You can read much more about Tucker’s legacy and Todd’s story, and give to the cause here

I offer a heartfelt thank you to all that take the time to read, share and repost on your own blogs and Facebook pages.

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  1. How wonderful for your friend to run the half marathon to honor Tucker…especially if he hates running! What an inspiration to us all. Just to let you know, the link seems to be broken where you click on to "Tucker Gowan". It only works in the link where you put "here". Thanks for sharing the story and have a nice weekend.

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