Wrecking Bar + Waffle Palace

We celebrated a belated Valentine’s date night over dinner and a show down in Little 5 Points last weekend.  It was so much fun to leave our regular stomping grounds and head down to a part of the city we really haven’t visited since well before the littles came along!

We enjoyed a lovely start to the evening at the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, located in the lower level of this gorgeous 20th century Victorian-style home.  We sipped on half pints of a variety of their specialty beers and dined on a divine selection of craft pub food.

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We chose the Kale Ale Fondue, local bratwurst with house krat, hand-cut Wreck Fries and pickled veggies and pimento cheese plate.  We seriously could not take one more bite by the end of the meal!

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After supper, Honey’s mama treated the whole family to front row seats for the Waffle Palace at the Horizon Theater.

The set was like walking straight into the Waffle House and our seats were right there on the stage!  It was so much fun!!!  The show was cute and really entertaining…

From births to marriages, to police chases and lottery wins, anything can happen at 3 AM in the Waffle Palace. Inspired by amazing real life events at Waffle House restaurants, Larson and Lee let loose with this roller coaster of humor and imagination in which John Pickett and his staff battle to keep their Midtown diner open against heavy odds. The Waffle Palace: a place where everyone is welcome, and the only unforgivable sins are throwing waffles and under-tipping.

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Honey’s mama and my parents have all raved about the theater’s (slightly off-color) Santaland Diaries holiday production – I sure hope they bring it back this year because I’m anxious to attend!  Thanks JuJu for a lovely evening!!

Now I’m positively craving Waffle House.  Sooo, guess where the baby and I are headed for breakfast?!?!  (I assure you I am not kidding…it’s a family favorite.)

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8 thoughts on “Wrecking Bar + Waffle Palace

  1. What a fun night! I know Wrecking Bar… My parents restored a house in Inman Park many moons ago in their early married days & that's where I lived as a baby & toddler…on Edgewood Avenue!

  2. I NEVER heard of a Waffle House until we went to visit my son who was stationed in Florida….LOVED it! I wish we had a Waffle House out here in California! :-)

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