Mad Slime Scientist

The PCP got a Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit
for his birthday and we finally got around to pulling it out.  After months of staring at it on the playroom shelf, we had the best time concocting all sorts of different slimes over the cold, wet weekend!

Poof-Slinky Sci-Fi Slime

photo 2 (36)

Proto-Plasmic slime that looks alive, Thermo-Chromic slime that changes colors at the touch and Atomic slime that glows in the dark all received rave reviews from our resident mad scientist.

photo 1 (36) 
And who knew that slime was perishable?!?!  I never ever in a million years could have dreamt I’d have bags of slime next to the greek yogurt.  For that matter, I never dreamt I’d be the mother of boys or that I’d actually look forward to greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey for breakfast (you know, as opposed to things like Krispy Kremes and day old pizza).

photo 3 (31)

The littles have dentist appointments after lunch and swimming lessons this afternoon.  There’s not much I despise more than an hour and a half in that hot, steamy, chlorinated cave…the baby nearly drowned in his lesson last week so here’s to hoping things go a tad smoother this go round.


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