Pinterest Picks {7 Taste Tested Recipes}

I try really, really hard to only pin things that are truly inspiring or that I really might do one day.  Because let’s face it, it’s so easy to pin anything and everything that your boards can become a hot mess in no time flat.

That being said, I’ve tried quite a few recipes from my Eats & Drinks board.  A few were just pain bad (those have been deleted to prevent future re-pinning), most were just okay and a handful have been permanently entered into the W family dinner rotation.  Those are the ones I want to share with the world…

Note: we sauteed ours in a pan because there was a torrential downpour the night we cooked.  Serve with the Edamame Fried Rice!

The Bread via Pioneer Woman
I cut the butter in half (scandalous in the South, I know) – this is very rich!

Go forth and eat, y’all!
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7 thoughts on “Pinterest Picks {7 Taste Tested Recipes}

  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Now that it is just the hubs and I we love trying new dishes. Enjoy the sunshine despite this terrible pollen!

  2. Tke cashew chicken looks like something to try! I did try the bread after reading that you did. It made me sick..way too rich.

  3. Terry – the bread is super rich. The last time I made it I cut the butter in half. Thanks for reminding me that I should call that out :-)

  4. I am in awe of you. You look like a million dollars. Your house looks like a million dollars. You make all these fabulous things for your house, you go amazing crafts and fun activities with your boys, you go to so many fun places, and you cook great meals. What CAN'T you do, and HOW DO YOU MAKE TIME for it all? You are just amazing:)

  5. thanks for sharing! i have so many recipes in my pinterest, but never know which ones are actually GOOD! so glad these have your stamp of approval! i will be making these this week! thanks again! XOXO

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