Work Detail

Well, y’all, the beauty of having boys finally came to fruition this weekend.  I present the W Family Work Detail…

april 1

Between a little of this…

March 2013 403 copy

A lot of this…

March 2013 407 copy

Forty shrubs went in the ground and the garden is planted!

photo 1 (6)

I fell asleep with the baby last night at a quarter till eight.  And Honey is probably even more exhausted.  On top of all the yard work, Honey has been working his tail off to build shelves in the garage.  (Between the pollen and the sawdust I must have swept the floors a thousand times.)  Fingers crossed we can wrap all of it up between now and this time next week.  Because we’re ready to enjoy spring, rather than just working straight through it!


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2 thoughts on “Work Detail

  1. I hear ya! Wish I had your work detail however. We removed the last of the overgrown shrubs out front this weekend. And, then replanted all of the front beds. I have muscles I didn't even know I had (or had at least forgotten about).

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