Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

After our surprise lunch announcement, the littles were chomping at the bit for their daddy to get home from work so that we could hit the road for Disney on Ice!!! 

We chose the Worlds of Fantasy show because it wasn’t toooo princessy and had some of their favorite characters from Cars and Toy Story!  Oh, and Honey will be the first to admit that he has a little crush on Ariel.  So there was pretty much something for everyone.

May 2013 024

We had great opening night seats… right next to Sister and her family!!!  The littles were thrilled to see Bird, and you know I was dying to get my hands on the baby girl in her little princess smocked dress.  After I prepared the littles all afternoon that we weren’t buying anything at the show, Honey went hog wild on treats.  I’m pretty sure they cost more than the tickets :-)

May 2013 028

May 2013 029

May 2013 030

May 2013 033

May 2013 034

May 2013 048

And finally, it was time for the main event!  The baby’s favorite characters are still the classics… Mickey and Minnie.

May 2013 039

May 2013 072

Tinkerbell flew high over the ice in a sprinkling of pixie dust.

May 2013 070

Bird was absolutely beside himself when his coveted Cars characters drove on to the ice!

May 2013 051 
Honey got his Ariel fix, although he wasn’t pleased to see her with legs.  (It would have made for an interesting show if she tooled around the ice on a mer tail.)

May 2013 055

And the PCP sat on the edge of his seat throughout the Toy Story feature.  Ken quite nearly stole the show with his plastic hair and outfit changes.  I almost forgot how funny he was in Toy Story 3.

May 2013 075
May 2013 081

And at the end of a magical evening, we bid goodnight to Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy…

May 2013 092

…at least until next time!

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15 thoughts on “Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

  1. I loved this blog post because it had all of my favorite characters in it…daughters, sons-in-law, grand boys and the little grand princess! Oh, and the Disney cast is all great too!

  2. We took our girls to see this same show a few weeks ago. They loved it but I'm feeling a little cheated because Ken did not wear his hysterical plastic wig at our show!;)

  3. We have not done Disney on ice in the past because I thought it was too princessy for the boys. This looks perfect! I'll have to see when it's headed our way.

  4. What great fun! I wish I still had a little one to take to these things. Please tell Sister that I love the smocked Princess dress. Do you know where she found the dress?

    On another topic, where did you get your wonderful milk bottle glasses that you use so often?

  5. I was so excited to see how you enjoyed the show last night. My husband is Vice President of Senice Elements and props for Feld Entertainment and I think the cars are his finest moments. It is such a good show for boys and girls alike. I found your blog from my daughter because we are both southern also…and being southern is special!

  6. I really need to take my kids to Disney on Ice! We have it in Charlesrton every now and then. I am afraid it will be boring for Amelia bc she has been to Disney World twice in the last two years.

  7. Amanda, thank you for both responses! Although I don't personally drink Starbucks frappucinnos, I am certain I can find someone who does so I can have those wonderful little bottles! Can't wait to check out Sweat Teas!

  8. It’s always nice to look and feel young with the vibrant photos you have presented here. You have very attractive photos that they are enticing to children.’ I would love to bring my future children to shows like this. I would expose them to Disney characters and allow them to interact with them.

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