Our Disney Dream Cruise

I don’t even know where to start – the Disney Dream Cruise was the most magical, best vacation EVER!  Everyone in our party agreed and we will definitely do it again!  We set sail on the five day Bahamian cruise with ports in Nassau (we didn’t disembark) and Castaway Cay that leaves from Port Canaveral.

June 2013 184

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June 2013 190

Here are the highlights…

We spent most days in the pools enjoying Disney movies on the jumbo screen tv and taking rides on the AquaDuck and Mickey’s Slide.  There was also a splash area for little ones.

June 2013 191 
June 2013 197

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June 2013 371

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Characters were everywhere.  I mean, we’d run into them just walking to our stateroom!  They took so much time with the kids and there was plenty of opportunity to see them all.  Per usual, meeting his “friends” was the baby’s favorite thing on the trip.

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We played mini-golf, ping pong, shuffleboard and SO MANY other fun things!!!

June 2013 264   June 2013 356

We had the cheapest, smallest interior stateroom we could get.  And it was perfect!!  The magic porthole was a complete hit with the kids and they absolutely adored the “magic” bunk beds that appeared every night after dinner.

June 2013 214  June 2013 392

Meals were amazing.  The food was good, the service was excellent.  We even celebrated Bird’s 4th birthday with one of the coveted Mickey cakes!!

June 2013 240

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June 2013 335

The broadway style shows were fantastic and the deck parties were loaded with fun.

June 2013 215

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June 2013 238

Pirate Night was tons of swashbuckling fun with the themed dinner, dance party and fireworks at sea.

June 2013 364

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June 2013 370

June 2013 366   June 2013 369

Castaway Cay was the best day of all.  The beach was gorgeous and water was cool and perfect.  We loved Pelican Plunge and even checked the kids in for a while at the kids club.

June 2013 338

June 2013 339

June 2013 341  June 2013 343  June 2013 345

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June 2013 353

The Oceaneers Kids Club was absolutely positively perfect.  My littles begged to go and we let them!  It kind of made the trip for us.

June 2013 203

June 2013 205

June 2013 206

June 2013 207

June 2013 208

June 2013 209

June 2013 211

Honey and I enjoyed a champagne brunch at Remy and it went down in history as my favorite meal.  Ever.  So romantic and yummy… and five glasses of bubby with ocean views!!

June 2013 372

June 2013 373

June 2013 374

Even just kicking around on the boat was fun!!  I mean, how often do you get to enjoy a sunset like this?!?

June 2013 336

June 2013 382
We had a tear in our eyes at the See Ya Real Soon send off party.

June 2013 404

June 2013 410

June 2013 413

It was truly a dream vacation like only Disney can do.  So so so thankful that we had the opportunity to spend this memorable week at sea with my entire family!!!

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31 thoughts on “Our Disney Dream Cruise

  1. So fun! We're going on the same cruise in October. Any tips for what to do/not to do regarding the Pirate night? How about early or late dinner? I'm loving your Mickey clothes. You have an adorable family!!!

    1. Audrey,
      Me and my family have done this cruise many times and we suggest that you dress up for pirate night and get an early spot so you can see the "show" better. It's so much fun and your kids will love it ( even if you don't have any, it will still be a night to remember) for the dinner times, it all depends on what you want to do. If you are afraid about missing evening shows, they always have two showings.

  2. OMG the disney cruise looks AMAZING!!!!! looks like so much fun!! what a magical time.. i want to go on one!! ps. love all your outfits!

  3. It looks like y'all had an amazing vacation! We are taking our first ever Disney Cruise in September on the Fantasy. Thanks for posting all about your trip; it looks fabulous!!

  4. I didn't even get through this entire review before I started looking up Disney cruises. Did you hear that Disney? You should give Amandabear a free cruise just for this post alone! Looks FAB-u-LOUS! And a Southern girl after my own heart, you always have the best wardrobe choices. Love it!

  5. Wow! Glad yall had an amazing vacation! Your family is just adorable and that little baby girl sitting with Cinderella is a priceless picture! :) After reading this post it makes me want to book a Disney cruise! Did you feel like 5 days was 'enough' time to do everything on the ship?

  6. Outstanding! All I need now is a glass of champagne. :)

    What a wonderful experience for all of you. The photos are gorgeous! Disney World is awesome too. Treasured memories ~


  7. I loved "reliving" it all through the pictures. And that little CeeCee with Cinderella is just priceless, as are all of the memories!

  8. Your post was fantastic!! I get overwhelmed with the thought of doing the Magic Kingdom with my two little ones, but the cruise seems very do-able! Im downright green with envy!
    It was extra-special seeing the adorable outfits on everyone. And how darling is your sister's baby?!?
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Hayden, It was a good amount of time but there were still things we didn't get to do! We will definitely go again and catch some of the other activities. Amanda

  10. Amanda your pictures are wonderful! Looks like a great time! I want to plan a Disney Cruise now! I loved your navy Lilly Tylar dress, so I looked for it on Ebay and found it, does it run true to size or small?


    1. It is a little snug in my opinion (or maybe I ate too much on board??). I bought online in my regular size at the sale last year so I didn't get to try it on.

  11. First of all, thank you for this wonderful review. Our family will be going on this same amazing cruise in Dec. right Christmas and I have a few questions. Where did you get your son's awesome Mickey shirts or how did you make them, also the baby's dress? What do you think about taking an umbrella stroller on board? We'll be traveling with our five year old son and our 9 mo. old daughter and I'm wondering if we'll need the stroller for her. Also, what are essential items that we'll absolutely need to have with us at all times? And finally, where there enough public restrooms with baby changing tables nearby? I would really appreciate your advice and answers.
    Thank you,

  12. You will have such a good time!! Here you go: Where did you get your son's awesome Mickey shirts or how did you make them, also the baby's dress? My mother made most of them. My sister did order a few things on etsy for her kids. What do you think about taking an umbrella stroller on board? DEFINITELY take a stroller! My sister took her entire infant carrier and snap and go stroller and CeeCee slept in that often throughout the day and in the evenings. Also, what are essential items that we'll absolutely need to have with us at all times? My kids are a little older, but it's always easy to get back to the room so I just kept a small bag with hand sanitizer, our camera and autograph books. And finally, where there enough public restrooms with baby changing tables nearby? Yes!

  13. While looking through your beautiful pictures I realized that my family was on the same cruise. I actually noticed my daughter in the background of one of your photos of the sail away party! It was our first cruise and we had an awesome time as well.

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