I found these darling Cars pancake molds on sale for $3 at Williams Sonoma a few weeks ago.  I carted them down to Savannah and Mother whipped them up for her grands.  Now, I only wish I’d thought to use that $5 Williams Sonoma gift card I’ve had hiding in my wallet for well over a year now (of course then I’d have the same issue, but with a $2 gift card.)

July 2013 006

This little firecracker came to visit her aunchie over the long July fourth weekend and I failed to share her darlingness.  I could eat.her.up.

July 2014 014 copy

While the PCP was off with a friend, the baby met up with one of his friends for a Chuck E. Cheese play date.  Has anyone else noticed how slim and trim and fashionable (?) Chuck has become?  Even his buck teeth are less prominent these days.

photo 1 (2)

Bestie E had us out to her place for a lovely afternoon of swimming, sliding, and grilling.  And while we all undoubtedly enjoyed ourselves…

photo 1 (7)

…Honey just might have had the best time of all.

photo 1 (3)

There were some severe storms in our neck of the woods last month and a neighbor’s tree clipped the side of our house.  I have not yet mentioned it because it just gets me all bent out of shape to even think about it.  We have to get the corner of the house rebuilt, new gutters across the entire back of the house and a new chimney top.  We already had the neighbor’s tree removed from our yard.  And she now scurries inside every time she catches sight of us.  I realize that it’s legally our responsibility to fix our house but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

photo 1 (4) 
We’re still getting our Nature’s Garden Delivered boxes.  I was a little crazy for that petite watermelon.  Yummmmmm.

photo 2 (4)

To offset all those fruits and veggies, we popped in Gigi’s to pick up cupcakes for Sister’s birthday.  Hellooooo chocolate salted caramel (oh, and golden cola and peanut butter cup.)  But really, back to the chocolate salted caramel (top left)…

photo 2 (7)

The baby was all out of sorts when big brother spent the night out last week.  The sweet little doll spent the whole evening in his sleeping bag on the floor of their room.  Nearly broke my heart… but not enough to let him go for a night quite yet :-)

photo 2 (5)

I picked up some dapper tees, polos, shorts and shoes for Honey and John at the Vineyard Vines summer sale.  Now, I await with bated breath the Lilly summer sale!!

Whale Sale

John has mastered egg in a hole.  It is really quite tasty, manageable for a seven year old chef and crazy cheap.
photo 3 (3)

The boys had a wonderful time at VBS again this year.  The Catholic church didn’t do things like this when I was a kid and I’m so glad that our littles get spend time learning about our faith in our church with their neighbors and classmates.  Such a blessing!

photo 3 (4)  
The baby has spun quite a yarn about the “very little teeny tiny tooth right in the middle” that he lost and how the tooth fairy should come visit.  It finally dawned on me that he was talking about the gap in his two front teeth.  He would NOT back down.

July 2013 001
Last but not least, my guilty pleasure this summer has been Pretty Wicked Moms.  It’s a little mind boggling… in a really good, over the top, pretty unbelievable, often shocking way.  Honey can’t stand to be in the same room when it’s on.

Happy weekend, y’all!!

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18 thoughts on “Musings

  1. That sweet baby CeeCee looks just like her big brother! Sorry to hear about the tree damage to your house, that really stinks. That neighbor wouldn't happen to be sweet Miss J?:)


  2. I just comment the other day to Eddie that Chuck E Cheese looks WAY different than when we were kids. Like WAY, way different. I haven't been in about 15 or 20 years. Do they still have the Country Bear Jamboree-ish show in the dining room?

  3. HAHA! Not sweet Miss J this time. The lady on the other side :-)

    No, they don't have that show any more. Just Chuck behind a curtain… although now that you mention it, I'm not sure if that's even there any more.

  4. Oh no. So sorry to hear about the tree and the damage. I fear if we get any kind of winds after all this rain, more will be coming down. Love the baby's "missing" tooth. LOL And, your niece is just precious.

  5. That IS annoying about the tree. Especially when you just got finished with your construction… It seems like she should at the very least apologize and offer some sort of financial peace offering.
    I guess the most important part was that no one was hurt.

  6. by the by…one of the "pretty little wicked moms" is the next door neighbor of one of my friends here in buckhead…as if we didn't have enough to be proud of in "real housewives of atlanta"!

  7. Amanda, slightly of your train of thought – but definitely on mine. Where did you get the rug that Cookie is sleeping on? I'm looking for a living room rug that is mostly cream with some gold highlighting. I really like their rug!

  8. Yay for the Vineyard Vines Super Sale that just made me " Giggle" when I read that, so I had to dash right over and place a order. Wouldn't you know the internet connection was S L O W, I missed out on a couple of tees for Tyler but ordered the next size up!

  9. Will your homeowner's insurance pay for your repairs? If so, then I would probably approach the neighbor (full of smiles, kindness, & grace) and say, "well the good news is that our insurance will cover this but the bad news is that our deductible is…" and then I would proceed to ask her if she would like to write a check to you for the deductible amount. It may be that she is not LEGALLY liable but I would assume she would want to do the neighborly & right thing, and paying your deductible is way better for her than paying the whole amount.

    1. The damage is less than our outrageously high wind/hail deductible. I'm afraid it's all on us to repair. I would have been thrilled if she'd just offered to get her tree out of our yard!

  10. Thank you for suggesting the Pretty Wicked Moms show! It will now be my secret guilty pleasure…besides the Real Housewives.
    Also, thank you for the Vineyard Vines sale notice. Got my son some great deals! :)

  11. Hey! 1st…Cece's hairbow collection is top notch! Love! 2nd…When is that darn Lilly sale? I need to stock up on Callahan shorts (part of my Summer uniform)…and Lastly I know where 2 of those homes are in PWMs. Both are close to where I am living right now. One is for sale so I think they just rented it for the show. ta-ta-for now! LHG

  12. What a cutie patootie your little niece is, and all decked out for the 4th — just adorable!

    Hey, maybe Chuck is following a "low-carb" diet — he for sure could not be eating at his pizza joint, nor could he be eating those fabulous looking cupcakes!

  13. OK, I stumbled across Pretty Wicked Moms the episode after the premier and instantly became addicted! Funny thing but I thought of you… not in the aspect that I think your like them but that they are from the same neck of the woods and you seem to have similar favorites in TV shows and wondered if you have discovered it too. I look forward to it every Tuesday and they crack me up. I wish Emily would wear a new pair of earring though… drives me crazy that she has worn the same pair for several months and being the owner of SWANK, you would think she would have at least two pair! Have you been to SWANK???

  14. I think that we need to start a campaign for you to be added to the cast of Pretty Wicked Moms (sans the Wicked). You already have a following and would be a great fit. Though, after seeing them go after each other in person and in "interviews", maybe not…

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