Project Curb Appeal: Landscaping

Y’all, I have never in my life been so excited over a blade of grass or a newborn azalea.  The last part of our big curb appeal project is complete!  We’ve gone from no grass, treacherous trees and terribly overgrown shrubs …

March 2013 668 copy   
… to THIS!  We took out two trees, limbed up a few others, made the island much smaller and put in what seems like miles of grass.  It is emerald zoysia, if you are interested in things like that. 

July 2013 180 copy

All of the overgrown shrubs in the front beds were torn out, leaving just the two Japanese maples and all the large boulders.  I stuck with very basic plants, in my opinion.  There are two big boxwoods on either side of the front porch, otto luyken laurels along the house, a camellia between the garage windows and a smattering of encore azaleas and gardenias to fill in the rest.  Honey spent two days (and a cooler of beer) pressure washing the sidewalks and half of the driveway (I’m not holding my breath on the other half).  It is AMAZING what prettiness was laying underneath all that gunk.

July 2013 178 copy 
In the bed leading up from the street, we have indian hawthorne, white swan agapanthus and a crepe myrtle.

July 2013 174 copy

We went with the smallest plants we could – I call them newborns – because they were so much cheaper.  I’ll share a full before and after as soon as the sun comes back out.  These drizzly, dreary days are pretty perfect for keeping all this green stuff alive!!

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15 thoughts on “Project Curb Appeal: Landscaping

  1. Love your plant choices – it will be just beautiful when everything fills in & is in bloom. Those newborn plants will be big before you know it!

  2. What a transformation! Fabulous! That lush green grass looks so inviting you could kick your shoes off and go barefoot!


  3. Your home looks amazing! You made some beautiful choices with the plants and you were smart to go small because they do grow pretty fast. I have seen some people start out with larger ones and then everything looks very crowded when the plants start filling out. Nice job!

  4. Looks amazing Amanda. And, smart to go with newborns (less water). I have to say we ripped out everything up front but our crepe myrtle, camilla and sugar maple and planted new this spring (with newborns)…with all the rain we have been having our newborns have thrived and are already huge!!!

  5. I am tearing up! I miss my expansive Atlanta lawn. Yours looks so good. Jon Malmin? I LOVED cutting and trimming my lawn. xo

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