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With both of the boys playing ball this fall, I feel like I’m living at the field.  I refrained from volunteering to be team mom, but I did offer to help out by making the dugout tags and bag tags for the baby’s team.  At that age, both are immensely helpful.

The dugout tags are hung over the bench in the batting order so that the kids know where to sit and have a designated place for their water bottles, hats, gloves and helmets.  I’ve experimented with attaching them to the fence in different ways over the years, and have decided that a simple paper clip works just fine.  It makes it very easy to get on and off the dugout fence.  I actually made these in powerpoint – they are 5.5”x4” and have each player’s last name and number on the card.  It’s easy to find graphics online by just googling the team.  After I print and cut, I laminate them, attach a small label to the back where I punch the hole for reinforcement, punch the hole, and insert the paper clip.

August 2013 407 copy
And after having multiple instances of kids (and parents) grabbing the wrong black baseball bag, I also make bag tags for the little ones.  I use the same process as above but use a 1” binder clip to attach them to the bags.  I put a few of those little labels on the backs before the holes were punched for extra reinforcement.  You could, of course, have real bag tags made that would be much more durable, but I didn’t want to invest that much.

August 2013 408 copy

August 2013 416 copy

When John saw I was making bag tags for the Bulls, he wanted one for himself and his two little besties on his team. 

August 2013 409 copy

He has a collection of them from his eight (can that be right?!?!) seasons of baseball!

August 2013 413 copy

I’m off to a dentist appointment, a doctor appointment and two baseball practices.  But I am managing to squeeze in lunch with bestie S between all the madness.

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6 thoughts on “Baseball Tags

  1. We are busy in the midst of Fall ball season too – & with hubby coaching both teams it definitely seems we're there all the time! The bag tags are perfect, but I'm glad to say we are past the age of needing the ones for the dugout! :-) Enjoy your busy day! xo

  2. Such a great idea! We did something similar when our girls were involved in sports. Nothing like getting home late at night to find you have the wrong bag!! Enjoy your lunch.

  3. Cute tags. Did you know that you are a No Reply blogger when you leave a comment on blogs? Just not sure if you were aware of it. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. xo Diana

  4. Your are amazing! Brilliant idea mom! I have been trying to figure out how to make the madness of the dugout flow easier! Thank you!!

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