Run, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s and buy yourself these marshmallows.  Then hide them in a high, unused cabinet that nobody in your house will venture into.  …  What are you still doing here?!?!  RUN!

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The baby has now had his second hair cut since the incident with the gum.  Slowly but surely it’s growing out.  Surely. 
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The PCP has made 25 / 25 on all of his spelling tests this school year!!!  And he brought home a 98/100 on his first math facts test!!  Couldn’t be prouder.

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Does anybody else think late summer t.v. is the pits?  Outside of Under the Dome, I’ve got nothin’.  So, I’ve been reading at night… churning through books like a mad woman.  This is the one that has had me up this week.  I do love me some Kay Scarpetta.

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I visited the Chicken & Waffles “roach coach” last week.  And I can’t say that I recommend it.  I mean, it wasn’t awful.  And it wasn’t delish.  I just can’t help but think that my arteries will never, ever be the same.
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Speaking of roaches, I witnessed a gigantic cockroach give birth, which is apparently extremely rare (this is the lottery I win.)  It’s worth mentioning that this was at the baseball field NOT at my house. Not that it’s much better seeing as I practically live there.  Is your skin crawling?  Mine too.

I can’t tell you how much I’m missing those pool days where the big kids were all back and school and the baby and I had the place to ourselves.  We’d share a lunch and lounge in a chair and just do nothing but enjoy ourselves.  Have I mentioned just how much I’m going to miss this kid when he starts for real school next year?  I treasure this time.

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I volunteered for a student alumni association event down at Tech earlier this month.  It sure felt good to be back on campus.  Good and old. 
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Get a load of “she she belle” in her lil Lilly swimsuit.  Yes, her Aunchie loves her to pieces.  No doubt about that!
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Tricia at HKL Designs treated me to this darling monogrammed pot and mum.  So thoughtful!!

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I made Life in Grace’s Tortellini Soup and it’s SOOO delish!  If you don’t already follow Edie, it’s a beautiful lady, beautiful house and pretty much just beautiful all around.

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I also made this Lasagna Soup.  (And by “I” I mean “Mother” but I did procure all of the ingredients.) It serves a crew and tastes just like lasagna.  So yummy!! 

Lasagna Soup Recipe

The Elf on the Shelf Birthday is coming in October and I’m too excited about it!!  Our elf is here for both of the littles’ birthdays and I can’t wait to dress him up on their special days.

Birthday Book Photo

We did our Sunday Supper at Joe’s Crab Shack while Mother and Daddy-O were in town last weekend.  The boys adored the shark sipper complete with a vial of “shark blood” to pour on top of their drinks.  And I got to sip a strawberry lemonade and visit with CeeCee while they ran off energy on the playground.  A pretty nice night all around!

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We had so much fun at the GT vs UNC game yesterday.  It was raining cats and dogs and I didn’t see a wink of the actual game but I did get to catch up with a few people, including one of my sorority little sisters, that I haven’t seen in ages.  Oh… and I made a new friend too… HI HEATHER :-)
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Last but not least, today is the last day to enter my House Proud book giveaway!!
September 2013 200 copy


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9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Wow, you've been busy! Yes, cherish those times with the baby. I miss having that one on one time with mine. It is so different when the boys are together isn't it? Love Cee Cee's swim suit! I can't wait to buy some for my two little nieces! Boy clothes are nowhere near as fun!

  2. Love these musings posts… Happy for Cookie's hair, John is an awesome 2nd grader!, CeeCee is so stinkin' CUTE, & I've tried Edie's soup – yummy! Oh so yuck to the cockroach, though… eww!

    Enjoy your day! xo

  3. Great, now I'm going to have to make the hour round trip to Trader Joe's. ;) I love the Scarpetta series too but the Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan one is my fav. Have you read any of those?

  4. When CC Belle gets a wee bigger you will have to venture off to the kids department at Von Mauer, Perimeter. I picked up C<3 a Lilly P. dress on SALE! I think the smallest I saw was 3T. Also E got a chuckle out of seeing you dry as bone at the game. He was soaked!

  5. What a wonderful post filled with all kinds of nuggest- missing your 'baby' when he starts school next year- the hair cut growing out-Trader Joe's marshmallows (naughty girl) and recipes and a book- You just can't go wrong here today.
    I saw one of those cockroach births on one of those educational channels. UGH-grossest thing ever- xo Diana

  6. Thanks for tip on what to buy at Trader Joe's! We have one opening in our town in October, and would appreciate any advice on what I need to add to my "must have" list. :)

  7. Of all these wonderful things you roach story made the biggest impression. I had a similar experience with a spider at my son's soccer practice. I hit what I though was a big spider off his bag and hundreds of baby spiders went everywhere. Oh I still get chills thinking about it! Hope you never see that!

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