Disney World: All Star Movies Resort

Since this was a last minute trip on a budget, we opted for Disney’s All Star Movies Resort.  And at $105 a night it was a pretty great deal!!  The littles originally wanted to stay at All Star Sports, but the food court and arcade were under renovation so we switched over to Movies.  We were in luck when we got the Mighty Ducks building and had a room right outside of the hockey themed pool – it was almost like we were at the Sports Resort.  October 2013 410 Like other Disney resorts, this one had a mini theater in the lobby playing Disney movies.  They really do think of everything! photo 1 (3) We were sooo excited that All Star Sports was one of the resorts already using MagicBands!!  We downloaded the My Disney Experience app and used it extensively.  Unfortunately, our color choices and names didn’t go through correctly – or I would have had a pink one for sure! October 2013 409 As soon as we arrived, they put on their swim suits and headed straight for the pool.  There was never more than a handful of people there, so it was nice and quiet, and since it was so close to the room we actually made quite good use of it – even if only for a half an hour in the morning to let Honey sleep in a little.  The pool has very long hours and was almost always staffed with a lifeguard.  You do have to bring your own towels from the room, but we actually had beach towels for Typhoon Lagoon so we were set. photo 5 (3) October 2013 273 photo 3 (3)   October 2013 274 We loved exploring the Disney themed buildings.  Toy Story was a favorite! October 2013 413 October 2013 414 October 2013 416 October 2013 417 October 2013 419 October 2013 421 The main Fantasia themed pool had loads of deck side activities each afternoon and Disney movies playing in the evenings.  October 2013 415 The food court was just okay.  We weren’t on a meal plan this time, so the food seemed overpriced for what it was.  We only ate there the first night because the last thing we felt like doing after the long drive was boarding a bus or piling back in the car!  There is a TV playing Disney movies around the clock in the far right hand seating area.  There is also an outdoor patio with fans to dine alfresco just outside of the far right exit.  The best deal to be had, by far, was the whole pizza.  We brought it back to the room one night and laid in beds playing Tower of Terror Clue for a pretty fun, super laid back evening! October 2013 422 We popped in the arcade a few times while waiting on food – of course, the littles adored it.  I liked that you could just put $1 on a card and get a few games of ski-ball. photo 2 (3) The three All Star Resorts are at the very end of the Disney transportation line and we found the waits on busses to be pretty bad.  We ended up just driving ourselves wherever we wanted to go.  Parking is free at the parks for resort guests and we weren’t at the mercy of waiting on busses all day.  I’ve heard it can get loud because school groups tend to stay at the All Star Resorts.  We were traveling at an off time and found it to be very quiet both day and night.  October 2013 215 All in all, our room was clean (though small – small beds too), the kids loved the bigger than life themes (even more than the Polynesian, sadly), it was WELL worth the price to be on property, and we would stay here again!    Next stop on this adventure: Legoland! xoxo   See all things DISNEY here!

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  1. Great review. We usually stay at the Wilderness Lodge, but I think this is a good option for low season. can't beat the price!

  2. Has the Movies food court be renovated yet? Just curious if they started with the paid soda per day/cup

  3. Love, love, love your Disney reviews. Can't wait to hear about Mickey's not so scary Halloween party. We are heading down for Christmas this year and I have really enjoyed reading about your trip last year.

  4. I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award because reading your blog always brings me a little "sunshine"! You can read all about it on my blog.

    You always give the best reviews! Has Disney "hired" you yet!?!

  5. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip! Can you explain how the new MagicBands work? I've heard they have a GPS-like feature and cast members know you by name? Thanks!

  6. I've stayed at Pop Century twice, once with my husband in Dec and this past August when I went with my sister and her family….. I really like it for a budget resort…..great food court, pools and busses that only go to that resort. Both times I went during busy season and the resort was always quiet and never seemed over-run with people. Magic Bands are great! I'm going next week with my brother and his fam and staying at Animal Kingdom…. can't wait! Getting my pins ready for trading!

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