Halloween Chalkboard Art Tutorial

So, kinda like the chalk paint craze, I am pretty tardy to the chalkboard art party.  Last year when I decked out the porch for Halloween, my fish painting bothered me in the background – taunting me with is springy-ness and reminder of summers past.  When Honey said he had a great board for it hiding downstairs, I jumped at the chance to get ‘er done.

October 2013 019 copy

Now, while I do have a little creativity in me, I will be the first to admit that I am no artist.  So, the thought of trying to fill this blank canvas with something lovely was a bit terrifying.  With a quick stint on Pinterest, I not only found a chalk worthy quote, but I was also able to locate this great tutorial by Burlap and Denim.  I’ll let you hop on over there for all the details, but here’s a quick run through of the process…

1. First things first, you need a picture to work from, if you’re like me.  And I’m assuming you are else you’d be free-handing something fabulous rather than sitting here reading my step by step.  I created mine in powerpoint.  First I drew a rectangle to the scale of my chalkboard and then I settled on my fonts, spacing and images.  I added the grid lines to equal every 6” on my chalkboard. 

2. In addition to the to-scale printout of your art, you’ll need a yard stick (or ruler depending on the size of your board) and a wet rag or some baby wipes.  (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t imagine a day without baby wipes in it.  Baby or no.)

October 2013 002

3.  Use your yardstick to mark off the same 6” grid on your chalkboard.  Then, use your picture as a guide to draw square by square.  It’s a little tedious but I found it strangely fun and exciting to see it come together.  (This coming from the non-artist.)

October 2013 001

4.  As I finished each square, I used a baby wipe to erase my guidelines.  For the tiny little spaces, I wrapped it around my pointer finger and just dapped away.  You can always add back chalk if you erase too much. 

5. After I got everything complete and erased from my guide image, I went back and freehanded some swirls to fill in some of the empty space.  I like it so much, I might leave it up until the new year with a new quote for Christmas!!

October 2013 006 copy
If you want to use my quote, you can download it here:

Happy chalking, y’all!!

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PS. Bestie Ron is giving away another copy of House Proud on his blog this week!
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17 thoughts on “Halloween Chalkboard Art Tutorial

  1. Love this tutorial Amanda!! And you are right about baby wipes. I have them everywhere in my house and have found they are great for getting small spills off carpet…who knew? I am working on a cross stitch project with that same saying on it!

  2. Do you already know you can buy 2' x 4' chalkboards and whiteboards at Home Depot. It is so reasonably priced I probably will never paint my own again. They will cut the size you need but you do have to buy the sheet. I found it on the isle with Masonite and pegboard at the Home Depot in our town. Love your chalkboard! DiAnne

  3. LOVE it!!! another find – if you paint the board first with magnetic paint (2 coats) than chalkboard paint – makes the chalkboard magnetic

    Decor is awesomely spooky!!!

  4. Amazing the amount of time it can take to do a piece of chalkboard art, isn't it? Yours turned out lovely! I'm thinking I need to invest in a projector… ;-)

  5. this turned out so great, you did such a super job! I've not done one either, so you're ahead of some of us stragglers. thanks for coming over to share at the party!

  6. Try using wet chalk, too. The colors are vivid and they don't smear when smudged. Search for tutorials on the Internet.

  7. That grid is money. I've got a chalk board I've been putting off decorating because I am so not that artistic. Thanks for the idea! Looks great!

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