Things around here have been busy busy as of late.  Since last Wednesday…

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a little Ina Garten “q&a” with some of my favorite gals of My First Word Was Eat and calliespondence!  You can read all about the “all things Ina” pre-soiree (I made her Salted Caramel Brownies) and our time with the Barefoot Contessa, who was really just as much of a delight in person as on the tele, in Callie’s thorough recap


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We “glamped” out at the annual Family Fairway Campout at the club.  It was cold and it rained but there was a dinner buffet, full bar, movie, s’mores, and a hot breakfast in the morning.  For my once a year camping outing, it wasn’t too rough.  It also wasn’t great enough to consider doing it any more than once a year.

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I’ve been so excited for the return of good TV!!!  (You are going to laugh at my definition of “good”…)  Vampire Diaries is back, Pretty Little Liars has it’s annual Halloween episode next week, and the brand spanking new show Reign is deliciously fabulous!!!

Speaking of TV, I’ve been recording shows from ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween for the littles to watch as treats from the “Halloween Witch”.  You’ve GOT to see Toy Story of TERROR if you haven’t already.  Mine were rapt.

I picked up the Old Navy Rockstar Coated Skinny Jeans in In The Navy this weekend and love them!  They were $21 in the store and I might have to go back for the black.  I go up two sizes in this cut of jeans.  They don’t call them super skinny for nothing. 

The What Kate Wore blog (I have raved about this before…I get so excited when I see a new post in my feed!) recently broke down the deets behind the Conjugal Coat of Arms – Will and Kate’s new coat of arms.  I found it fascinating!  Oh, and I positively cannot wait to see the family photo that is expected to be released after Prince George’s Christening this Wednesday.

The Daily Mail

I love these e-cards.  This one was a recent favorite that keeps me in stitches every time I think about it.  A candy tax… bwahahahahaha.

One of my oldest friends in the book recently shared this throw back photo on Facebook.  I’m the chick in the velvet dress and pinafore – was one of my favorite getups back in the day. 

Daddy-O has done it again.  In the event that any of you are in need of a giant purple monkey a la Big Joe, his twin (lets call him Big Jim) can be yours for just $80 on ebay!  (Now, I don’t know if one of you has already snapped him up in the last 24 hours… or maybe Daddy-O has procured him, God forbid… but I can’t seem to find the listing myself.)


As for the rest of our weekend, we cheered on the littles at not one, not two, but THREE tournament baseball games (wins all around!), went to our first laser tag birthday party, attended a First Reconciliation Workshop at church aaaaaand squeezed in dinner with my college besties E, N and C at Capital Grille.  Sadly, the only thing we missed was the Tech game.

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  1. Love Ina. Next time, i'll have to mark my calendar any Atlanta event she has.

    I love Old Navy jeans and always get 2 sizes up on their skinnies and always find that they fit better.

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