Weekend in Review: Zoo + Homecoming

Sister and her Mister treated the whole family to a Sunday at Zoo Atlanta.  We really had a great time!!




November 2013 112

As these pictures will attest, these four were definitely at home in the zoo.

November 2013 113

November 2013 114

November 2013 121

November 2013 137

 We made the obligatory train ride around the zoo…

November 2013 124 
…and the baby finally wasn’t too scared to ride the carousel all by himself!!

November 2013 129

November 2013 130

November 2013 134

November 2013 135

And since Mother and Daddy-O were in town, we also went out for a Japanese hibachi supper.  This little thing found the antics of her “brothers” terribly entertaining…

photo 1


And last but not least, we cheered Tech on for a Homecoming win!!!

photo 2

photo 5

Now, I’ve mounds of laundry and loads of cleaning up to do between all these fun outings and the projects we tackled in our “spare” time!!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend in Review: Zoo + Homecoming

  1. When I was in nursing school our dorm was not far from Grant Park and we spent some Saturdays browsing there. I have heard the new zoo is much improved!! We did not make it to Homecoming this year as we had a Grand with a Birthday on the same day and we have our priorities in place.:) Maybe next year!! Go Tech…Sting Em!

  2. What fun!!! I love it when families get together and do things together. I can tell you all like being around each other. What? No grumblers in the bunch? xo Diana

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