The Tooth Fairy

I could hardly believe my eyes when the baby pointed out his first loose tooth last week.  I mean, he did get his teeth rather early (he was fat and hungry so we figured nature handled the sitch with premature pearly whites), but I wasn’t at all prepared for this at barely age five.  Well, fast forward a couple of days and he had lost and eaten the darned thing in one fell swoop!!  *only Cookie*

February 2014 053 copy

We spent eons writing a little note to the Tooth Fairy, letting her know that the baby ATE the tooth.  He carefully tucked it under his pillow at bedtime and promptly went to sleep.  (Meanwhile big brother plotted to wait up all night to catch her in action.)

February 2014 033 copy

Now, since Mother has yet to make the baby’s tooth pillow, I never made the glittered tooth fairy money I pinned eons ago, and I misplaced the sweet little “The Night Before the Tooth Fairy” book I picked up for this very occasion, I had to get to work lickety split cooking up something special for the poor thing.  I mean, John has a pirate fairy and a tooth treasure chest for crying out loud.  And Whit now has a traditional Tooth Fairy that leaves behind a trail of sparkles and a receipt.

February 2014 031 copy

(I didn’t think the whole two separate tooth fairy ideas through at the eleventh hour but nobody questioned anything so I guess I’m good.)

I can’t wait to add these to the baby’s memory box over the years.  He was positively thrilled with his good fortune… waking up before the crack of dawn to exclaim “THE TOOF FAIRY LEFT ME TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Almost twenty-five, baby.  Almost.

February 2014 052 copy2

In honor of the baby’s first Tooth Fairy visit, for the next week or so you can download the Tooth Fairy Receipt free here!  Not a DIYer?  Order them printed in my etsy store!!

Please note that I added an IOU check box on the method of payment line.  I would guess that at least half of John’s tooth fairy visits have been paid out in change scraped from the bottom of my purse, and one desperate time we had to borrow money from his own piggy bank.  Y’all will thank me for this later.  Now, if only I could figure out a way to freeze time :-)


12 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy

  1. That is just too precious! Love the tooth fairy card and BOY I only got half dollars in my tooth fairy days….things sure have changed! :)

  2. Poor Cookie, no cute treasure chest for his tooth! But since he ate it, he really didn't need the chest for it anyway! I promise to get it made before we come for your birthday and/or before he loses his next tooth! That angel!

  3. I laughed out loud when I read his note! What a character and darling photo. I started reading your blog when he was wearing the "bee boots" and am astonished how quickly time passes. You're a great example of capturing it all…just like Jim Croce's lyrics, "If I Could Save Time In a Bottle", you somehow manage to do just that! Precious!

    PS I came dragging in from my cold two weeks in Indiana to find my prized oyster necklace waiting! My husband said it had arrived and I carefully opened it before I even took off my jacket!

    Thank you for the sweet note, D! It's so pretty and perfect!

    Girls, order up! You will LOVE it!

    Happy weekend!

    Jane ~ SD

  4. PS

    Your mother's small painting of the strawberry cake is adorable! (Instagram) I kept staring at your cake and then, to see it captured, was fabulous! Please turn it into notecards and tags!


  5. Oh-yes- Our little SweetCheeks just lost her first two…and what a change in the way they look. Your BABY is gorgeous-so very cute. I can't believe he ATE his tooth- lol How funny is that! xo Diana

  6. i still have my son's tooth fairy pillow and his first tooth in it (is that creepy?)…and he'll be 40 in July! when i told my daughter (2nd child) about it she asked where hers was and i'm sorry to say i don't know!

    i think my kids got like a quarter or maybe a dollar but i guess cost of living has gone up (even for the tooth fairy)!

  7. I love the tooth receipt, my kids would have loved these!Those special touches to make this time more magical, you do such a fab job with that! I have used so many of your ideas!Here's a quick recent tooth fairy story.. My son, who is ten (and surely this season is about to end) lost two teeth in one week. Although, the second one did not make it home with him from school, probably in the dirt on the playground! He said he would just leave the tooth fairy a note. This is what it said "Dear tooth fairy, I lost my tooth, literally. Thank you for coming."

    I could not stop laughing! Just thought I would share;)Have a wonderful Sunday! Blessings, Suzanne

  8. So precious. My youngest lost her first tooth early (our dentist had to pull it, she had fallen a couple years earlier with a paci in her mouth and it damaged the tooth, it finally had to come out at age 4, she was so proud to be the first among friends missing a tooth!) I was a terrible tooth fairy. Can't tell you how many times I'd forget, the girls were question why the fairy had not come (I would then find some $$$ and pretend to make their beds, of course the $$$ was in my hand and somehow magically found it's way into the covers or between the mattress and headboard, LOL Worked like a charm, they never caught on. We still have some of them, including the infamous 1st pulled tooth.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing the Tooth Fairy receipt. My little boy just turned 6 and we have yet to loose one. I am waiting! (And now I'll be prepared)

  10. How adorable! Time passes so quickly and sometimes we're just not ready for these life changes. His note is so cute!

    The Tooth Fairy has obviously been able to increase her bounty…25 cents was our gift. :)


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