Swim Team Ribbons

With just two swim meets under our belts, we’ve already amassed a little collection of ribbons.  I remember displaying mine artfully all over my closet doors as a kid, and spending endless hours pouring through them.  Well, my littles are no different in that they love carrying these around the house, reliving every moment of every swim at every meet :-)  In order to keep things tidy and not lose any of these prized possessions, I came up with a quick and cheap solution for corralling them!

June 2014 419 copy

I printed a tag for each of them using our team logo, cut it out and laminated it to keep it dry (we love to bring these to the pool).  I cut off the strings each week and just slip the haul onto a large binder clip ring.  Voila!! 

photo 4 (3) copy

As far as the meets go, the littles absolutely LOVE them and continue to get better and faster week over week, consistently beating their own personal bests!!  Here are a few outtakes from the latest…

photo 3 (19)

photo 4 (18)

They adore these sharpie tattoos.  I did too until this one imprinted onto the baby’s bed sheet when we went to sleep without a shirt.  Oy.

photo 2 (25)

Now, if only I could figure out as simple of a solution for all of those trophies…

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11 thoughts on “Swim Team Ribbons

  1. I absolutely love the swim team ribbon idea. I had no idea what to do with all of them. I put them in big photo binders which took up a lot of space. Your idea is ingenious.

  2. I have two teenage sons who both have grown up playing baseball – rec and travel. We have amassed THE collection of trophies. Both boys have built ins in their rooms, and I'm admittedly a sketchy duster. Long story short, I let the collections build until I couldn't take it any longer. Fortunately the older one stopped receiving trophies because he's now playing in showcases, not tournaments. The little one seems to be getting rings instead of trophies, too. We went through all of them and culled out the ones they deemed worthy of displaying. Their shelves are still cluttered but at least I can dust. Yay????

  3. we took the name plates off of the trophies and placed them together on a plaque. we only kept the trophies that were for individual achievements.

  4. Great idea!

    Wish they'd do away with trophies and give ribbons for everything. Trophies are space hogs and kinda Oriental Trading-ish

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