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We arrived back in Atlanta late last night (three days early), but before we loaded up and bid farewell to Rosemary, I snapped a few quick pics of this year’s rental…

July 2014 415

At the ground level, you enter into a floor with two master bedrooms (queens I think), a room with two twin beds (we loved that it had a door and was not bunks), and a fourth bedroom with another queen.  The last two share the hall bath.

July 2014 401

These pics were as we were leaving so all of the beds have been stripped (what you have to do when leaving.)

July 2014 402

July 2014 403

July 2014 404

July 2014 405

July 2014 406

The laundry was also on this level and led out to a covered porch and the sizeable back yard (by Rosemary standards.)

July 2014 411

Heading up to the second level is the main living space.

July 2014 414

The den and kitchen were huge, very open and full of light.  It did seem that some of the furniture was missing, as was a lot of the art.

July 2014 399

July 2014 400

July 2014 407

July 2014 408

We loved this little powder room with the glass tile wall and oyster shell mirror.  We did not love that the door fell off the hinges…

July 2014 397

July 2014 398

Heading up again, there was what was listed as a “sitting room” but, again, the furniture and electronics were missing.  This level also had a bunk room with four twin beds.

July 2014 391

July 2014 393

We loved the fenced in yard with hot tub, grills and space to ride scooters.

July 2014 413

As lovely as it looks in these pictures, I would not recommend this particular house.  We’ve probably visited Rosemary 15 times over the last 9 years and this one had lots of little things wrong with it compared to all of the others we’ve tried. 

Now, I’ve had loads of questions about where we stay in Rosemary.  Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • We rent a different house each year on  There are a few that we’ve stayed in 2-3 times, but we love trying new things each time.
  • Read the descriptions carefully if you want to stay inside of Rosemary Beach.  We always do!  We love their pools, beach and amenities and that we can ride bikes everywhere.  There are quite a few that say Rosemary Beach, but are really in one of the neighboring areas. 
  • Staying on the other side of 30A from the beach has been no problem for us.  We find it to be a little quieter than the gulf side.
  • A few of our repeat house rentals include: Cabana House, Timeless, The Little Beach House, and Oasis Cottage.  There are quite a few more that we’ve rented and we’ve been happy with all (except this years) but these are ones we go back to time and again.
  • Consider the cleaning fee, insurance (some require), and other costs before choosing.  These can add up fast.  Also, consider those that offer free bikes (savings of $55-85/week per person) and other amenities. 

If you have any specific questions, just comment here and I’ll try to answer!!

As to why we are back early… bestie B badly injured her shoulder so we weren’t able to make our annual trip to Pensacola after leaving Rosemary.  The littles were SO SO upset – and Honey and I were pretty bummed too.  We’ve got a few fun things in the works here at home to help pass the time :-)  Please say a quick prayer for a speedy recovery for B! 

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8 thoughts on “Rosemary Beach House

  1. All great tips. Good to know. Hubby as a client that owns a rental company in Fort Walton, and yes some can be hit or miss. So sorry to hear the news of Bestie B's injury. Our Katie injured hers playing volleyball at age 13 and had to have surgery…not fun. Surgery was easy, rehab, not so much. We learned a lot, so if she has questions or suggestions…let us know!

  2. I would look at trying to get some of my money back. It looks like a lot of furnishings in the common areas were missing. That doesn't seem right for such a nice home during the peak season.

  3. We are definitely going to try and do so. We sent a comprehensive list of all of the issues the first night – mainly so that we didn't get accused of taking/breaking anything! There were many more issues that I didn't go into…

  4. Did you look the house up on zilliow? I wonder if it is on the market. The last house we rent at RMB through VRBO was listed and we had a realtor show the house while we were there!

  5. That is so disappointing!I know that rosemary rentals are not cheap, so I hope that you get some money back.Beautiful home, but definitely needs sprucing up. I agree even if you are on the other side of 30A, the beach trip is not bad at all. We stayed near the coffee shop and enjoyed the convenience in the mornings :)

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