Disney Bound

It’s been a fun week getting ready to go and I am so very excited that the big day has finally come!!! The trip is still a huge surprise for the littles and, while I came very close to spilling beans, I managed to keep my mouth shut. And today was just SO worth it!! When the littles got off the school bus to start their fall break, I was waiting at the end of the driveway with my Minnie ears and giant Mickey hands waving them down. The car was loaded to the brim, the windows were painted and their seats were ready with busy buckets for the long drive!!! To say they were excited would be the understatement of the year. After the tough time we’ve been having in school, a little pixie dust was all that was needed to bring out a smile of pure bliss on my big boy’s precious face. (And the little one’s too!)


I filled their buckets with activity books, sandwiches, veggies, water bottles and a few pieces of candy. I tucked in their beloved plush Mickey’s and ear hats as well. The buckets are by HKL Designs and the darling Mickey chalkboard sandwich containers are by That Southern Chick.

DSC_0004 copy

The Disney Bound shirts were another collaboration between bestie S, HKL Designs and myself. I simply could not love the Disney Jeep any more if I tried. How FUN and how PERFECT for our family!!!

DSC_0005 copy

After ditching the back packs and a quick potty break, we hit the road to pick up Honey at work on our way out of town. We like to make this drive late in the day so that the littles will fall asleep in the car about half way there. We always spend our first night at the Hampton Inn Lake Buena Vista. Their rates are unbeatable, the rooms are clean and spacious, the staff is extremely kind and the all you can eat breakfast buffet with make your own Mickey waffles is a real favorite for my littles. On our first morning, we let Honey sleep in a bit after the long drive. I take the littles to the breakfast and then we hit the pool for an hour or two. Once Honey wakes up, we shower, get dressed back in swim suits and cover ups, and hit our Disney resort for a full “bonus” day of fun!!!! This is just the tip of the magical iceberg. I cannot wait to share our adventures over the next week!!!


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11 thoughts on “Disney Bound

  1. Love surprising them with Disney! Mine are 11,11,and 13….and still nothing makes them happier! My daughter said, "Mom, you are NEVER too old for Disney!" And, we love the Buena Vista Hampton as well!

  2. I love reading about all of your Disney adventures!! We don't leave for our next trip to "the World" until December, and I so enjoy the opportunity to live vicariously through you and your sweet family! We always stay at the Hampton Inn Buena Vista our first night too;)

  3. Do you guys go to year round school? Or did you just pull the kids out of school for a week?

    Our boys are in 1st grade this year, and we've hated having to hit everything during peak season! We were talking about just taking the kids out of school for a trip later this year – not sure how well our school district would take that…

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