Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

We have seriously been looking forward to this night for nearly a year!! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is my number one thing to do in Disney World. I mean, imagine an evening with light crowds, special desserts, trick or treating, a fabulous one-of-a-kind parade, rare characters, dance parties, costumes, fireworks and your favorite Disney rides!!! The Magic Kingdom is literally transformed for the evening!!!





We were so excited to attend as the FROZEN crew in our DIY costumes!! Meet Kristoff, Anna, Sven and Olaf…



We got to the park right at 4pm and beat a path straight to Space Mountain. Honey and Whit did the speedway and People Mover while John and I took two rides on the coaster.

photo 1 (9)


photo 2 (9)

After hitting up a few more favorites in Adventureland and Frontierland and grabbing din din, we lined up to meet Jack and Sally for the first time. These two are only available at the party and John was beyond excited to finally see them!! They were so interactive and made it totally worth the wait.





Right afterwards, we snagged a prime spot for the Boo to You parade and joined in the street monster mash party.


It was lightly drizzling during the beginning of the parade but we were thrilled that the show still went on. This parade is AMAZING!! So many rare characters and villains, spooky music and special effects.



















As soon as the parade was over we scooted over to Town Hall and were the first family in line to see Halloween Mickey.


On our way back to Fantasyland, we stopped for Happy Hallo-wishes and the special fireworks show. Both were just jaw dropping!! I will never tire of seeing the castle transformed like this!

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (10)




After the show, we trick or treated and rode rides the rest of the night!! Goofy’s Barnstormer is one of Whit’s favorites and there were so few people on it that they didn’t even make us get off.


Dumbo at night is just pure magic.



And the candy corn ice cream treats were a great pick me up for such a late night!


At around 11pm the wait for Anna and Elsa was only 20 minutes. We had fast passes set up for our Magic Kingdom day, but since we were all in costume we unanimously agreed we should just do it then! I’m SO glad we did!!! The Arendelle royalty greet separately and so we met Anna first. I have no idea why I have no pictures of that on my camera OR on our PhotoPass???!!!! Anna was hysterical! She threw her arms out when we walked in and said “It’s Kristoff and Olaf and Sven and…. MEEEE!!!” After our time with her, we went over to meet Elsa. She was lovely and super engaging as well.




And while we were taking our time with Elsa, Anna came running across the room and asked to squeeze in! She linked arms with Kristoff/Honey and we were all just SO beyond excited to get to see them both together. They took so much time with us and really, truly made our night.


With just a few minutes until the stroke of midnight, we scurried over for one last spooky ride at the Haunted Mansion. We had so much fun with the magic shots afterwards!



As the party wound down and a new day dawned, we stopped for a last farewell in front of the castle.



And just like that, our evening had come to a close. We didn’t make it back to our beds until nearly 1AM. Needless to say, we were out in no time flat!


See ya real soon, Magic Kingdom!!


20 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  1. We decided to do the beach for our fall break. Seeing your pictures is making me regret that! Lol. We haven't been since April and now I'm starting to have withdrawals!!! Hmmmm.. I may see a long weekend and a few missed days of school in our future :)

  2. We are going in two weeks!! So excited. I have been using your site for inspiration for surprising my little ones. I just wanted you to know how helpful it has been for us.

    Do you have any tips for getting great pictures with the Memory Maker photo pass?

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm glad to see you are having a wonderful time. Our entire family is going to DW in November. We love going when it is decorated for Christmas. Have fun!

  4. Goodness sakes alive! No wonder we hardly heard from you wild things! What an amazing time. All of your photos are great and the ones of the fireworks are tremendous! Your costumes were exceptional and you looked just like you did in your childhood Disney photos! :) Between you and Paige, I am officially surrendering to fall this weekend. Welcome home!
    Jane ~ San Diego

  5. Amanda, your disney posts are the best. I see a new career in your future:-) We all {11 of us} go in December this year and I'll be checking your old posts for advice. Thanks!!

  6. Thank you!!Eeekkk!!! I am so thrilled you shared the Not-So -Scarey party!My next Disney trip will be at this very time, I long to see those adorable pumpkin wreaths with Mickey on Main Street! The parade…OH MY MY!!!!!!!!!! You folks looked awesome! Love ya, Lori

  7. Were you there Tuesday? If, so, did you get stuck in the monsoon? Lol! It poured and poured on us. Luckily it stopped right in time for the Halloween parade. It was awesome!! We loved the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It is fun looking at your pictures and reliving our own experience there. I am glad you had a great time too!!

  8. How cool! I want to go to Disneyland! I love that you guys went as the characters from Frozen. I love that movie. Those pictures are amazing! The "ghosts" are pretty cool too.

  9. Would you mind sharing your camera settings for the parade and wishes?(manual?) Going in a couple of weeks :) and would love to capture the lights.Thanks Amanda :)

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