Pressed Pennies at Disney {Free Printable}

Bestie S and her darling family are making the trip down to the World at the same time that we are going. Yippee!!! We have really had so much fun scheming and dreaming for our visits. So, when she sent me Entirely Emily’s ideas for collecting pressed pennies at Disney (see her blog here and here), I was all in! We set up a breakfast date with our sweet friend Tricia at HKL Designs and she made our wish come true. As usual :-)

If you aren’t familiar with pressed pennies, there literally LOADS of the machines all over the Walt Disney properties. In Florida you can find many in every park, as well as at every resort. And each machine has multiple options for designs. It costs $0.50 to make each penny, so you will need to have a supply of quarters and pennies at your disposal. I have read online that clean and shiny pennies look best, so I picked up a few dollars worth of pennies at the bank and just poured through them for the best ones.

DSC_0225 copy

Just as Entirely Emily did, we ordered these pressed penny collector books. Tricia covered the fronts in vinyl and added our littles’ names and the Mickey silhouette. We used the mini m&m containers to hold the coins. Each tube holds enough coins for 28 pressed pennies, stacked quarter-quarter-penny so they are ready to go. I also made the little guide book/checklist for them. You can find much more comprehensive maps and guides for free online. But mine is cutest :-)

DSC_0227 copy

I didn’t have much time today to write up instructions, but if you are interested, you can download an unpersonalized version of my pressed penny guide below. The lines on the first page show you where to cut. You will print the even numbered pages first and then put the odd numbered pages on the backs. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough!

I cannot WAIT to surprise them with this little treat. My kids adore collecting things, love money, and I know this will make a fun and relatively inexpensive souvenir for them to carry home at the end of our trip. Not to mention, it will be something they can build on for years to come!!

PS. I’d love to know if any of you have interest in personalized versions of the guide books.

10 thoughts on “Pressed Pennies at Disney {Free Printable}

  1. So cute! We did this with the boys on our Christmas visit. Was lots of fun! For future reference, the Mentos gum containers are the perfect shape for the pressed pennies too.

  2. I would have interest in the personalized coin books. Taking my three grandkids in January and July of next year. Thanks for all the great Disney ideas. I'm on my way to Epcot tomorrow (live here) to enjoy the Norway ride a few more times before Elsa comes.

  3. Ahh!! Love this idea! You posts make me so excited to become a little momma to some littles one day! My friend Leah and her husband are taking their almost 4 year old next month for her birthday and I've told her all about your Disney fun! She may do your messages from Mickey :) Enjoy your trip! I keep hinting at the hubby to take me during Christmas ;)

  4. I love pressed pennies. Do the cruise ships have machines for them as well as the parks? We are cruising in November. First Disney experience for everyone else (kids and hubby) in my family. Celebrating a big birthday for me. And the kids won't know until Mickey calls them right before we hop in the car and head to the port.

  5. We are annual pass holders and I would LOVE to have the personalized versions for my four littles!!! They hardly ever get a "souvenir" anymore, but the pennies are one thing I let them do!

  6. I'm always interested in ANYTHING Disney and personalized! My favorite things!

    If I sent Tricia some of those passports, do you think she would be willing to do the same designs for me? I think my girls would get a real kick out of these. I'm trying to go ahead and pick up little things like this in preparation for our December trip.

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