The Polo Fields

Last week Sister and I took little CeeCee on a field trip out to the Polo Fields to see the horses and snap some pics of the little doll.   I couldn’t resist this little Beaufort Bonnet Company outfit when they released their spring collection.  And I had been itching to get her something with that amazing monogram!!


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CeeCee was having so much fun and being so precious, that when we wrapped up and were going to leave we decided to change her clothes and do more!  This little bubble is by Well Dressed Wolf.  She chose her boots and hair accessory, but then ditched it a few minutes later.  I adore the ones of her looking so spirited.  This is exactly what I remember Sister looking like in my earliest memories of her.

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0279 copy

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We spent a ton of time hanging with the horses, much to my dismay (I don’t love large animals).  CeeCee was intrigued by them but there was NO way she was turning her back on them.  Smart girl.


It was all giggles and grins until Sister tried to get her to stand on the side of the horse trailer.  The girl knows what she likes.


All better…

I love this little angel to the moon and back.  Over Mother’s Day weekend I saw a post and a hashtag #AuntsAreMothersToo on Instagram that really hit home.  I hope CeeCee will feel the same way one day, because to me she’s my daughter from another mother.  :-)



12 thoughts on “The Polo Fields

  1. John can so relate to your dislike of large animals– especially horses. He is NOT a fan!
    And CeCe's precious, as always.
    And Aunts ARE mothers too, just without all the discipline and such that comes along with motherhood. It's more fun if you ask me!

  2. Wonderful photos and I cannot decide which I like better the Beautiful Bonnet Girlie or the Cowgirl with Attitude!! Great job Amanda!

  3. Great pics and I can see why you love her so much. I agree w/ anonymous—she does have Whit's cheek's. As you can see, I am Cece too. I just found out I am going to be a G Grandma for the second time, and they are going to name her after me—Cecilia, and call her Cece ! You can bet I will be ordering from the links you supplied. News tidbit—I found you a year and a half ago, as I Googled Swan Coach House, and there were your pics. Followed you everyday since—thanks for a GREAT blog, and for being an outstanding person, wife, and mom—-it is a joy to read.

  4. My goodness, CeCe looks so grown up in her little bubble and boots. I love that she had nothing in her hair. This may be the first time I've seen her without her signature bow. Love the natural look. She is just precious.

  5. Just precious. I LOVE beaufort bonnet and well dressed wolf. My 3 year old has her own sense of style and has now decided she hates anything smocked or monogrammed. It breaks my heart (kinda kidding there) and you should have seen how she went to school today (polka dot minnie mouse top and polka dot leggings…not even in the same color family; black hand me down hello kitty ballet flats, and a purple bow). She was happy as a clam and I didn't even fight her!!!

  6. Oh that CeeCee! She's a style icon at the age of 2, as far as I'm concerned. Such a pretty baby! Always love seeing her pictures. Btw, can't wait to hear what you cooked up for Honey's birthday!

  7. CeeCee is the perfect complement to those rambunctious boys! And so glad to finally have a precious (and scrappy) grand daughter. And so like her mommy when she was little! She is very lucky to have you as her auntie.
    Love, Marme

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