I mentioned earlier this year that we are planning a trip to San Francisco for Honey’s cousin’s wedding later this year.  (Ya’ll provided the most exciting tips and must-do’s, by the way!)  Well, we are still hoping to make that happen but WOW flights are super pricey for the four of us ($2500!!!) and we are trying to sock away every dime for a big west coast trip next year in celebration of John’s 10th birthday and my 40th (with four more cross country flights).  Anyhoo, the save the date arrived for the big affair and I LOVED it and it makes me want to be able to go more than ever!!!  It had a lovely envelope with matching liner, the gold foil accents were perfection, and the paper stock was SUPER nice.  Come to find out, it’s from Minted’s new wedding collection. I have loved stationery, invitations and the likes for my whole life, so one thing led to another and before I knew it I had spent quite some time exploring loads of lovely papers.  I really need more parties in my life…

While exploring, Minted’s Art Marketplace knocked my socks off!  It’s basically a collection of fine art prints made by independent artists.  You can find anything here!  Two faves stood out for me….

Betty Hatchett – I adored her two “Family Crest” prints – one with flamingos and one with great blue herons.  I’ve been trying to find something for over the potty in my powder room and the herons just might be the winner.

Emily Jeffords – Her fresh and modern landscapes blew me away.  After going back and forth between four of her works, I think I finally decided to order this first one for a frame in the family office!  The cotton candy skies had me at hello.  I also love the moodiness of the second one.

I’ll be sure to post pics when I finalize my decisions!!  In the mean time, I’ll be dreaming up an excuse to order party invitations…
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  1. Oh wow! I had no idea they had artist's prints as well. I am in love with the heron one, as well as the pink skied landscape. Have several places in our home I have been looking for small prints for with not much luck. And yes, having just flown to SF the prices are terribly high!!

  2. I LOVE their market place. I've been searching for things for the boys' room and have a ton of stuff in my basket. We have laughed and laughed that one piece looks just like my brother in law on his paddle board at SSI.

  3. Love the prints! I noticed your from the South. I am also from the South right near the beach in Alabama! Love your blog. Erica

  4. If you haven't already, I would look at flights into Oakland. I think you can take BART from there into the city. San Jose is also an option, though the public transit options are more difficult, so the cost of a shuttle if you don't need a rental car will probably eat up any potential savings. I think Southwest flies in to all 3 airports.

  5. Southwest is the only airline to take and, as Karen wrote, look into Oakland. Sign up for their Rapid Rewards program to start building credits and pay the extra fee for Early Bird seating priority…especially long trips. Bags fly free so that's a savings of at least $200 each way for your family! I'm not affiliated with SW but we fly very frequently and there's no other way to go. Also, be sure to check their flexible date calendar that will show you the lowest fares each day. The crews act too silly for my taste, while making announcements, but the boys would get a kick out of it. :-) Jane ~ SD

  6. Getting ready to post about Southwest into San Jose and saw the other comments making the same suggestion. We've flown through there and rented a car to drive up to San Fran.

  7. I am a stationery lover as well. I love paper products of all sorts. I heading over to the minted website ASAP (although it might be dangerous). You will love San Francisco!
    Michelle from

  8. We just spent our spring break in SF (staying right outside the city w/ my MIL)….if you can swing it, GO!!! It was an amazing week, my kids adored it, and we'd go back in a heart beat. There are 3 airports to choose from (San Jose, Oakland, SF)….SF was way cheaper for us. Good luck!

  9. Look into GoCarTours. Probably the most fun thing I did there, and it was all fabulous. I think the adults and kids would love it!

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