Elsa Tails {Chow Baby}

I hunted high and low for cute, sturdy and personalized bowls for Elsa when we were bringing her home.  The few I found were outrageously expensive (to the tune of over $200 in my shopping cart for two), so I set out determined to make my own.

DSC_0055 copy

This sweet little bowl moves between our garage and the porch.  She plays outside a lot and is always thirsty in our southern heat.  I almost can’t stand how tiny she looks in these pictures taken about a month ago.

DSC_0065 copy

I also wanted matching food and water bowls, as well as a place mat, to coordinate with my kitchen.  I experimented with two of my blue willow soup bowls, but those got knocked over before I could blink.  Chalk that up to new puppy mommy ignorance.


The bowls hold 25oz. and measure 2.5″ height by 5.75″ diameter.  They are 100% ceramic and are dishwasher safe.  The pattern does not completely connect in the back, but leaves about a 1″ gap (mentioned in the interest of full disclosure).


The placemat measures 12″x17″ and is made of natural rubber (think of it as a giant mousepad!)  It stays put on the floor and we’ve not had any trouble with it at all.  I love the gingham and chinoiserie combination!!


I have added both the bowls and place mat to the Dixie Delights Shop for the time being.

The next thing I’m in the market for is a cute, washable pet bed and a fence or invisible fence for the yard.  Oy!  Pets are seriously like children!!


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12 thoughts on “Elsa Tails {Chow Baby}

  1. Oh.My.Gosh Amanda! These are the CUTEST things EVER! Can’t wait to click over to etsy and get these for our dog, Bernie!

  2. I saw these in your shop the other day & I positively ADORE them! I’m thinking these will be Christmas “gifts” (yes – I know) for our girl this year!

  3. We have had our Orvis dog bed less than a year and I wish we had gotten it sooner. It is crazy expensive and I made fun of it before I got it….but there is no bed more durable, and more easy to take apart and wash. I went through so many zippered rectangular beds from Marshalls before that…theyre just a pain to put back together after laundering. This one is a breeze, and I got it monogrammed (of course) Plus this one is orthapedic for our old lady’s joints. It will last Elsa a lifetime!

  4. Okay, seriously adorable. As far as pet beds, we have two for Kylee from the Martha Stewart line at Petsmart. We have washed them numerous times. Not sure she makes larger ones for Elsa’s size though. We also have a Kong crate mat that is washable too, made of heavy duty nylon type material. Several companies make zip off covers for beds as well. The MS line now has inserts that you stuff with old towels/t-shirts etc (pups love being near the scent of their owners) and then cover. I know Marme sews, so maybe she could get creative with the cover for one.

  5. Be careful of the invisible fence. Your dog won’t get out but any other dogs can get in. You have a little dog, if a big dog comes along it could be dangerous.

  6. Amanda- e-mail me! I work for the company that does invisible fences and I will put you in touch with someone here who will help you

  7. Super cute bowls! I have a friend who spent a good amount of money on an invisable fence. It works great keeping her dog inside the boundary, but other dogs come in and terrorize her little fella.

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