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Every year Coca-Cola employees spread the red at an exclusive night out at Six Flags!  And it’s the one night every year that we go.  We realized earlier in the week that John had just eeked past the 54″ height requirement that is a world of opportunity in the land of rollercoasters.  He was beyond excited to now be able to ride EVERYTHING  in the park… Goliath, Superman, etc.  He’s my thrill loving child for sure.  When we were excitedly discussing this at dinner, Whit completely shocked me by saying he didn’t really want to go.  Honey jumped right on that that the started planning their own night, consisting of Taco Bell and watching cartoons in our bed with Elsa.  So, we took bestie M and her son along for the wild ride!!



Not only did we get to visit with Taz, Daffy and Foghorn Leghorn (that doesn’t happen every day), but we got to ride all the coasters!!  And the best part was that all of them were walk on or a 5 minute wait!!  I hadn’t been on any of them for ten years… since before John was born.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  Not to mention, I adored being able to catch up with bestie M and the boys were so excited to see each other since they are now in different schools and we aren’t hanging out at the pool all week long.


John was so appreciative of our night out that he made me breakfast Saturday morning… a microwaved plate of marshmallows topped with nutella and peanuts.  I’m not sure where he had the idea for this, but it was pretty tasty.   :-)


It was a great start to the weekend and now that I have a coaster companion, I am already excited about next year!


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3 thoughts on “More Flags More Fun

  1. What a fun night you for you & John! I am a coaster lover, but sadly I’m the only one in my fam.

  2. Ha ha what a great breakfast, love it! Glad you had fun. Coasters are the best. Next time you are at Disney could be fun Amanda xx

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