Elsa Tails {Lilly Lover}

Little Elsa has just squirmed her way right into my heart.  I know, I was really skeptical at first, but now it’s hard to remember life before her or imagine life without her.  When I was recovering at home for days on end after my appendectomy, she stayed by my side day and night, and was an endless source of companionship, smiles and jokes for Mother and me.

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She has more than doubled in size since we brought her home two months ago, coming in at around 13 lbs at her last appointment.  She’s now fully vaccinated and has had her first mini groom.  She’s super playful, gets into every thing and adores the dogs next door.  We have been practicing walking on the leash with short excursions a couple of times a day.

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You’re also looking at the sweet face of a baby that has weaseled her way into our bed at night.  When I was having trouble sleeping at night, she seemed to start barking the minute I finally got comfortable.  Honey caved and put her in the bed one night, she curled up at our feet and we didn’t hear a peep out of her until we had to wake her up the next morning.  And such was life from there on out.  She’s crafty, that one.

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Before we brought her home I splurged on the most darling Lilly collar, poof and leash you ever did see.  These are so well made and are from Lilly Duds on etsy.  This pattern is the All A Flutter fabric.  I loved it for it’s vibrant pink an green pattern. The littles still prefer her pink Star Wars collar, but I love seeing her in this one.


I looked around a bit for a cute tag and when I didn’t find anything precious enough to go with this darling set, I made my own.  The front has her name and the back has our two cell phone numbers.  I have been asked by a few friends already for the source, so you can find the tags in the Dixie Delights Shop.  It is a two-sided metal powder-coated tag, measuring 1.5 x 1″ with both S-hook and O-ring options for easy attachment.


With that, I’m off to take the baby out…


Dixie Delights Shop  |  Lilly Duds Shop

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4 thoughts on “Elsa Tails {Lilly Lover}

  1. Our dawgs wear pink UGA collars during football season. I’m sure you could find a pink GT collar if you wanted. Not nearly as cute as the Lily collar of course, but perhaps seasonal!

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