Clean Old Fashioned Hate

It’s rivals weekend in the college football world (I speak like I know… I just heard Honey say that) and we had our annual Thanksgiving weekend game versus UGA.  With a noon kickoff, WGT 2015 (World’s Greatest Tailgate… another annual tradition) got going early.


A GIANT cauldron of jambalaya and bloody mary’s were on tap.


I pulled an OLD Lilly out of the archives for the occasion.   Our games are usually burning hot or freezing cold, so it was the perfect choice for the amazing weather!


We had so much fun at the game, despite the outcome.  All of the old crew was on hand.





That wraps up Georgia Tech’s football season.  THWG.  GO TECH!


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4 thoughts on “Clean Old Fashioned Hate

  1. We should start a clean old fashioned hate club. My daughter would gladly join, also. Well, she would if we had a secret nerd hand shake.

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