International Potluck Feast {Free Printable}

I really just can’t say it enough… WE LOVE JOHN’S TEACHER!!!!!!  The theme for her classroom is “Globetrotters” and she asked me for help in organizing an International Potluck Feast for Thanksgiving.  Now, not only is she amazing, but this class is just one of the best.  The kids are great and the parents jump at the chance to help.  It sure makes my room mom job easy!  I put a sign up on our class site to have the paper products, cutlery and drinks donated.  And then I asked families to sign up to contribute a dish from their home country, or even just somewhere they have visited or that their child is interested in.  We had an extra classroom reserved for the event and, with the help of other parents, moved the desks in a circle for the kids and put down their placemats they had made earlier in the week.




I made a few simple signs for the room and then table tents for each dish.  I could hardly believe it when I had 15 families sign up to bring dishes from 15 different countries in which they hail from!!!  And many brought more than one dish.  It was truly a feast and let me just say, everything was amazing!

DSC_0171 copy

We set up a huge buffet line and parents helped serve and explain each dish as the littles loaded up their plates.



If you are interested in the signs and table tents, you can download them FREE below!

We all tried so many new things that were SO yummy.  So many families put so much time and energy into this event, preparing traditional dishes from scratch.  It was truly remarkable!


International Feast FREE Printable

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2 thoughts on “International Potluck Feast {Free Printable}

  1. I love this idea! I’m a school teacher myself and am always intrigued at what other schools are doing and what their kids are learning. I must say it looks as if your children’s school is top notch and full of teachers who really care about educating the whole child and not just teaching to standardized tests. Looks like such a great place!!
    Julia from SC

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