Magical Monday {Family Photos 40×41}

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.  – Winnie the Pooh

Are you still with me?  I know that was a lot!  One of the items on my 40×41 bucket list is to “take amazing family portraits”.  I can hardly find the words to convey just what these pictures mean to me.  For us, this is just the epitome of our family.  The four of us in Disney World.  Happy. Carefree. Fun. Loving. Magical.

We hired Kimberly Mitchell of Portrayable Photography for this and she was as amazing to work with as her pictures are to look at.  She came to our resort, Disney’s Yacht Club, and walked us around the Boardwalk for our session.  If you use her, do let her know that I sent you!

I will treasure these forever.  And I need to construct a wall to hang them on because I can’t pick just one… or five for that matter.

There is a part two to this particular item that Sister set up for me, but I am so in love with part 1 that I can hardly believe my eyes.


Portrayable Photography  |  Everything Disney

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28 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Family Photos 40×41}

  1. They are amazing Amanda!! I love the one of you and W kissing with the boys looking back…Whit’s face is priceless…”I know I am supposed to be looking at the camera, but I best keep on eye on mom and dad.” LOL

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Fav is the one of you with the two boys on the bench. They grow up so quickly…I can already see it since following your blog.

    My boys are 22 tomorrow and almost 26…planning a wedding for next June for the oldest. Just wait until they bring the girl of their dreams home…we LOVE our future daughter in law.

  3. It’s tricky trying not to always use the word “perfect” when sharing my thoughts but these truly are! Every. Single. Detail. Pure love and joy radiates from all of you and the heavenly, soft glow of your beloved angel shines all around you. These are more than portraits, they are a testament to what wonderful people you are.
    While the fabulous poses may have been coordinated (by your amazing photographer!), it is evident that this is genuinely the way your beautiful family always is together. They are breathtaking. May God bless you all at this sacred time.

  4. Just had to post one more thing. The composition of the first photo in your post is incredible. The clouds are such a beautiful background. Amazing photographer!!!!

  5. I echo the comments already posted – pure perfection, pure love. They are so sweet that they brought tears to this Mama’s eyes. Seriously – don’t blink. I couldn’t choose just one either! Y’all are a beautiful family, and not just in the physical looks. Your inner beauty and love for one another shine through every picture.

  6. Fantastic photographer that brought out the pure love and beauty of your family. Her execution and your family made a fabulous forever keepsake.

  7. Oh my goodness! I got a little teary looking at all your pictures! I’ve been following you and your precious family for so long now and it makes me so happy to see your sweet pictures. Your boys have gotten so big and they just get more handsome the older they get. Precious! I loved all the pictures but my fave is the one where the boys are hugging with their faces next to each other, looking at the camera. Amazing!!

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