The Ritz Carlton Reynolds

I spent the weekend celebrating the big 4-0 with my two college besties!  One of us has one month of 40 under her belt and the other two of us will be there in the next two months.  I won’t make you guess which one is the oldest :-)


We jetted off to the Ritz Carlton Reynolds at Lake Oconee Friday afternoon.  It’s a luxurious lakeside getaway just about an hour and twenty minutes outside of Atlanta.  The weather was just incredible – mid-sixties and sunny – and we had a marvelous time.


We had lovely views of the lake and grounds.  There’s just something about being near the water.  (Although I’m really a beach girl through and through…)


We kicked off the celebration in the Lobby Lounge with cocktails, appys and loads of girl talk.  We all live in Atlanta but have a hard time finding time to get together with kids, schedules, work and the likes.


During our stay, we made the most of eveything that the Ritz offers.  A long brunch at Georgia’s Bistro…


Lakeside lunches and dinner at Gaby’s…


Bike rides…


Roasting marshmallows…


Reading magazines in the sun …


… and so forth and so on.  Nothing about it was terrible :-)  One of the highlights was dinner at Linger Longer Steakhouse right on property.  They didn’t even bat an eye when we said we were ALL celebrating a birthday.  Instead, they came to the table with three desserts and three candles.  Oh, and their magnificent cotton candy treat!




We attempted some offsite shopping, but it was pretty lacking.  So, we settled for pedicures and mango mimosas instead.  I’m totally okay with that.


Oh, and we finally saw Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, complete with jammies, piles of fluffy pillows and comfy duvets!!

I would definitely recommend the Ritz for a girls weekend, couples weekend AND a family weekend.  There is quite a lot to do and the property is just lovely.  We had a wonderful getaway and I’m very thankful to have had these ladies in my life for the past twenty-two years.  Cheers to FORTY and the many, many more celebrations to come.


The Ritz Carlton Reynolds

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3 thoughts on “The Ritz Carlton Reynolds

  1. What a fun girls’ birthday celebration! The Ritz is lovely, but you’re right – definitely nowhere there to shop (unless you count the Publix). Next time, stop in a few exits back west (assuming you took 20) in Madison. Loads of lovely shopping places! ? xo

  2. It is beautiful there-my daughter lives “just down the road” from the Ritz and she love the area–you’re right not much shopping, but she loves it anyway. I really enjoy the lake views at her home when we visit too. Happy Birthday to you and your friends!!

  3. Hi Amanda! My name is Shelby and I LOVE your blog. I follow it regularly and I love your style! I just wanted to share with you that I too will be turning 40 very soon and just got back from a girl’s weekend trip to Savannah (how ironic that you too were celebrating with a girl’s weekend this past weekend) to celebrate my 40th. I had been to Savannah five years ago with my “Bestie S” (as you call them :)) and we loved Savannah so we decided to go again with two other friends, “Bestie M” and “Bestie N”. We were on the “Dixie Delights” tour and ate at The Olde Pink House and The Crystal Beer Parlor. At The Olde Pink House I pulled out my Dixie Delight cards that you shared at Thanksgiving and we all shared a few laughs and really got to know each other better. We also shopped at Paris Market, ate a praline at River Street Sweets, picked up honey at Savannah Bee Company and we each brought home a recycled letter from 24e. We all have children so it was a great and much needed getaway for us and we had an AMAZING time. If I knew how to insert a picture of us on the streets of Savannah I would, but sadly I do not. Thank you for your “things to do and eat” recommendations! PS- you inspired me to make my own “40 X 41” list and while in Savannah I was able to check two things off my list: eat a raw oyster and a girl’s trip to Savannah. – Sincerely, Shelby

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