A Treat for My Peeps

I do adore Easter.  Pinks and blues and whites and pastels abound.  The days get longer and the sun shines more.  Everything is greening, sprouting and blooming.  There’s just no time of the more glorious than spring!

I’m recycling the “treat for my peeps” idea we’ve used many times over the years, but this year I made new tags.  They are pink gingham with blue writing and make for the cutest little “peep pops”!

DSC_0308 copy

Paired with Natalie Chang Easter cups and napkins, I am party ready!!  She was a doll to send me this little surprise and I immediately turned around and ordered a second set for bestie R.

DSC_0313 copy

There are so many options for the peep treats!!  Another favorite are the peep lollipops found at Target in a variety of colors.  I had to resist also purchasing the giant peep bunnies :-)

DSC_0306 copy
The Dixie Delights Shop is currently closed for a few weeks, but I’ve got four sets of 25 “a treat for my peeps” cards (non-personalized) ready to ship.  They are $13 shipped and I will send a pay pal invoice for payment.  If interested, please send me an email at [email protected]!!


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Dixie Delights Shop  |  Natalie Chang Studio


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