Poncey Highlands

Bestie P treated me to a day of eating and shopping our way through Poncey Highlands in celebration of my 40th.  Our first stop was Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.  Y’all, this place was amazing and my favorite of all the places we visited!!!!  I cannot wait to take my boys.  You simply must add Callie’s HLB to your Atlanta must-eat list!



The Callie’s ladies are hand making biscuits right there in the front window.  I’m not gonna lie… I studied their process :-)


We each ordered a trio of biscuits plus various accoutrements.



And they were ahhhh-mazing!!!  I had the peach biscuit, the buttermilk with orange basil marmalade and cheddar and chive.  Every single bite was heaven.


After stuffing our gullets and washing it down with mint iced tea, we hit up the local shops.


Our next stop was Ponce City Market.  We had so much fun perusing these shops as well – J Crew, Anthro, West Elm, etc., but it was the Food Hall that had us with all the heart-eyes.



After our biscuit binge, we seriously did not have one centimeter of space left in our bellies.  But we made a promise to come back and eat our way through the Food Hall.  The selection is just divine….








Our little adventure wrapped up with a stop at Piece of Cake where P had me pick out a slice of my favorite Caramel Cake, popped in the candles and sang me Happy Birthday.  It was special and fun and lovely and delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was back home just in the nick of time to retrieve the littles from the bus.  It was truly the sweetest of days!!!!!!!!!!


Callie’s Biscuits  |  Ponce City Market  |  Piece of Cake

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7 thoughts on “Poncey Highlands

  1. I am reading quickly this morning as I have my three grands here! So I may have missed it but is Ponce City Market the old Sears building? Definitely a stop for our next trip to Tech for a ball game. So glad you have had a Birthday Month! When you turn 40 it is a big deal. ( That is what I told myself when I turned 60 last year!!).

  2. Happy Birthday! I had lunch at the Ponce City Market not that long ago with some college friends. We had the Holman and Finch burgers – divine! Try them next time you are there!!!

  3. Love your friends pants, too cute.
    Thanks for all the Hotlanta details! Now we know where to spend our time while visiting Granddad!
    Happy Birthday.


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