Summer Bucket List 2016

One thing that the littles definitely get from me is a love of the list.  I mean, I find them to not only keep me on track but to make me feel accomplished too.  I can’t tell you how many things in a day that I add to my list after completion just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

We put our heads together yesterday and came up with our 2016 summer bucket list!  I think it’s pretty do-able.  We go back to school in early August but are calling “summer” every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day :-)


The good news is that we’re off to a great start.  Life with seven and ten year old boys is nothing if not active!

I’d love to hear any fun ideas on YOUR summer bucket list!


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13 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2016

  1. We are also list fans! Our Summer List is impossibly huge and, well, it’s practically impossible to fit it all in. But we’re going to give it our best shot! Happy Summer!

  2. Love your list!! Ours seems to be growing by the day LOL! I see you mentioned Tybee…I was wondering, have you ever done a post review on there? I’ve been thinking about it for a future vacation spot but don’t know much about it – like best places to stay, best beach for small children (7,5,3) etc.?? Thanks!!

  3. I see a Charlotte trip is on your list. Be sure to check out the U.S. National whitewater center. Your boys would love the activities. Our US kayaking and canoeing teams train for the Olympics at this facility.

  4. When you make lists for the mundane, everyday things to do, don’t you find putting the things you dread the most, at the top of the list, helps get them out of the way? I just finished one of my dreads, and feel so much better about the rest of my day !!

  5. i love the thought of a list and maybe the start of one, then….. no more list.
    Your summer bucket list looks like a lot of fun for you and the boys. happy summer.

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