Around Atlanta {Douceur De France}

Mother and I went out this morning to hunt down a new-to-us donut joint and ended up at Douceur De France!  I couldn’t resist sharing because this place is ahhhh-mazing!!!!


The parking lot was jam packed, so we knew it must be good.  We were planning to take our donut haul back to the ravenous guys at home, so we just went to the take away bakery part of the restaurant.  We literally left with bags of goodies.


Favorites were the ham and cheese croissant, almond croissant and coconut macaroons, but everything was divine.  After posting on Instagram, I got a fabulous tip to order King Cakes from here for Mardi Gras.  I’m not one to wish away the days, but now I’m super excited for February.  :-)


There are two locations in the northern suburbs of Atlanta – Marietta and Roswell.

We will definitely be back!!  And, if you’ve been, I’d love to hear your must eats from Douceur De France!!


 Douceur De France


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5 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Douceur De France}

  1. The almond croissants are the best! I work in the Square in Marietta and love stopping in in the way to work. I’ve never ordered anything I didn’t like.

  2. Everything you chose sounds delicious… I’m afraid this would become a regular stop for me! xo

  3. I like their omelette breakfast. It is a great place to stop in and work. I remember when they were in the small location it would be impossible to get in the parking lot.

    1. I’ll have to try that!! Now they are bigger and it’s still nearly impossible to get in the lot. I had to park in a muddy hole by the dumpster :-)

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