Tybee Island: AJ’s Dockside +Sister’s Birthday

We made our way down home Friday just in time for sunset, and spent the whole day celebrating Sister’s birthday at the beach!!!!!!!!!!!  Sufficiently sunned and completely worn out, Mother and Daddy-O met up with us at our favorite beach eat – AJ’s Dockside – for margaritas, piles of fried shrimp, scallops and hushpuppies, and a sensational sunset.

DSC_2385 copy








A quick bike ride home and we settled in at Some Beach, Sister’s beach house, to continue the celebration.




Family, sisters, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, fraternity brothers, parents, grandparents, a new puppy, salt air, and a giant cookie cake…

Happy Birthday, Sister!

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7 thoughts on “Tybee Island: AJ’s Dockside +Sister’s Birthday

  1. What a fun day! You can see the sun on your faces. I would love to see more pics of Sister’s Beach house, now that they have finished it. I’m still lusting over the octopus wallpaper, and was wondering just this past weekend if I could pull it off in our Lake Lanier house. I’m tempted to try! AJ’s is a fun place! I also recommend The Wyld Dock Bar, up at Thunderbolt, where the old Bonna Bella was, on Country Club creek. What they have done there is fabulous!

    1. We had every intention of taking pics, but we’ve really been living in it. There are toys and legos and bags and food everywhere! Sister promised to take pics sometime when she doesn’t have a house full :-)

  2. AJ’s is one of my favorite places. If you have never tried their crab stew, you must! Its to die for :) We also love Sunday Café. Love Tybee!!

    1. I need to try that!! It’s always so hot out that I hesitate to order stew, but now I definitely will!! xo

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