Daily Delight {Home Goods Haul}

I’m back today with the next installment of my Daily Delight videos.  I invite you to take a peek at my Home Goods finds from shopping with Mother last week and how I plan to use them.


I have so many ideas in the hopper for these little video segments, but would love to learn what you’d like to see!!

I hope your weekend is off to a delightful start.  We are headed over to bestie E’s today and will soaking up every last second before heading back to school.


Daily Delight Video Series


31 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Home Goods Haul}

    1. Ahhh… you are right. I’m still working out the kinks. Thank you SO much for letting me know.

  1. I wonder if TJ Maxx carries the same Tiki mask garland? I will have to go on a hunt! I’ve saved some coconut mugs and palm trees and have had a few Tiki birthday parties. The garland would be a great addition!! Cute video!!

  2. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to watch the video on an iPhone. When I hit the video link it opens a new window with the same blog post.

  3. I somehow can’t see the video on mobile. When I click it redirects to another tab with the same page on each click. Maybe is my phone, idk…

  4. Video idea — BOWS! The dogs on the porch, teacher gift bags, tree toppers… How do you make them all just right?!? Thanks!

    1. I promise that I’m working on this! I can’t actually see the ads myself so it’s a bit challenging. I have requested that they are scaled back significantly based on feedback and having Mother watch it and track the ads for me. Hopefully the next one will be better.

  5. OMG, I love your video! I hadn’t watched the last one and love you even more on video than in photos. Especially love the sweet southern accent!

  6. Hi Amanda,

    Would you be interested in Snapchat or Instagram story for your videos? Only thing is those videos can be seen within 24hr timeframe.

    1. I would but my iphone never has enough space to film a video. I’m still on the 5 and live in a constant state of having to delete something to be able to do something. HAHA. Honey says it’s time for an upgrade but phones are soooooo $$$$$$$$$.

  7. So cute! I just had a chance to see this and look forward to more of your videos. They are adorable! If you would like, I can search our Home Goods for the elusive fish plates. Just email a photo and I will be happy to take a look for your mother…and it would give me a great reason to “have” to go! ;-)

  8. Love your HG haul and the gingham plates are so cute! The red would be so nice for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We’re staying at the Polynesian this Fall too. I just got our Halloween party tickets! It would be fun to see you there at the same time.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, I think those red gingham plates will get a ton of use! EEK… We can’t wait for the Poly!!! And we are doing the NSSHP as well. We go the last week of Sept.

      1. Rats, we’ll be there in October but can’t wait to stay at the Poly again. One question, do you typically add a dining plan or pay as you go?

        Do you have your costumes planned yet? I’m making tee shirts of the sororities and fraternities from Monsters University – easy and uncomplicated. Also, when you get time, please advise on DVC. We’ve looked into it at GF but couldn’t decide if we should do it or not. Have a FUN weekend!

        1. Darn! I do not generally add on the dining plan now. We’ve found we just prefer to pay as we go now. Whit likes to eat off the adult menu and we all generally prefer to skip the dessert. However, there have been changes with it lately where I don’t think there is a dessert so it might be a better fit.

          We are doing Nightmare before Christmas. I bought a sally dress and got Honey a jack jacket after Halloween last year. I think the boys will be Lock (the devil) and Barrel (the skeleton) but I haven’t done costumes for them. I think I’ll make masks (to hang around their necks) and just do a red tee and a skeleton tee. It’s too hot for full on costumes!

          As far as DVC, that is ON MY LIST!!! Haha! Coming soon.

          1. Thank you so much for dining advice. I believe in 2017 they’re getting rid of the dessert but will include 2 snacks. Love that you’ll be Jack and Sally, that will be cute! Can’t wait to hear about DVC!!! Ooh, and I already booked for next year after Thanksgiving for Wilderness Lodge, so excited!

          2. eek!! I love WL! It’s so fun to have plans far in advance. We will do our big trip in June next year I think to make the most use of annual passes. No clue where we will stay yet though. Maybe beach club or contemporary for the first time.

  9. Love Homegoods! Hopefully I’m not the only person who visits one on vacations or in a new town? Every location is different so you never know what treasures you may find! Loved the video and your tips (that straw idea–GENIUS!) and look forward to seeing more!

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