A New Rug in “The Baby’s” Room

First things first, no matter how old he is he will always be my baby.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss the newest baby, Elsa.  Little Miss was pretty good as far as puppies go.  She really only destroyed a few things in her 18 months on earth.  One favorite gold Tory Burch shoe that I always said felt like slipping my feet into pats of butter.  A few hundred dollar bills, an “original” gold Starbucks card and the corner of a wallet, all belonging to Daddy-O.  And the rug in Whit’s room.  What can I say?  The girl has good taste.

The shoes were replaced, the money was replaced (Did you know you can take shredded money to the bank and have it replaced?!  Apparently it happens “all the time”!), and the last thing on the list has now been replaced.  The rug!

Thanks to Decor Market, the original jute piece that was way too small and stunk to high heaven with all sorts of unmentionable puppy fluids, he is now sporting this FABULOUS looking natural fiber number.


I love the subtle pattern, love the texture in the room and am so happy to finally have a bound rug in here.  Decor Market is the same place that I found the new rug in the master bedroom.  It’s pretty much my new go-to source!


I’ve got a full update on the baby’s room coming soon.  When I was taking these pics I noted that he was missing two pulls off of his chest of drawers.  I’ve also swapped out one of his bedside tables with one from our room, but am not sure if I love it yet.


The funny (?) thing is that he’s still never slept a night in here.  I transitioned this room from nursery to big boy almost exactly four years ago to the day.  He was four years old then.  Now that he’s going on eight, I feel like he will probably want it updated if and when he ever decides to move in. That being said, I treasure these sweet nights of having them share a room and it would be fine by me if they did it forever.   <3

I hope y’all have a wonderful and super spooky weekend!!  We have the cousins coming over one night, GT homecoming and will wrap up our lacrosse seasons.  YAY!!!


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9 thoughts on “A New Rug in “The Baby’s” Room

  1. The new rug looks perfect! Can’t wait to read about the updates. My boys have recently (like, within the last 2 weeks) just stopped sharing a room, and I do not like it. :-/ Now that they’re *almost* 14 and 11 (goodness, that makes me want to cry) I suppose it was bound to happen.

    Enjoy your super fun weekend! xoxo

  2. Poor Daddy-O and his beloved wallet….and your favorite gold slip-ons! Noooooo! Your blog is like following a really good story and the characters are fabulous!

    I have always loved Whit’s dreamy room but it will be fun to see what he eventually chooses as his own.

    Have a fun weekend, too!

  3. Love the rug and the room. Another option, if you need an area rug, is to buy a remnant and have it serged or bound at the edges. There are some beautiful, textured, all-wool options out there.

  4. Love it! I’ve been eyeing a similar version elsewhere and this looks even better! Is it soft enough underfoot- thinking about for our master? (since I know your “baby’s” room isn’t typically used for sleeping, which I think is neat for the sweet brothers;)

    1. It’s not incredibly soft – but in my opinion none of the natural fiber rugs are. It is better than the jute we had before. In my master I love my regular rug underfoot more than I would like natural fiber. (I used to have jute in my room too!)

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