Magical Monday {Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party}

I’m doing my Magical Monday post on Wednesday because, well, I’m in holiday catch up mode.  :-)

Magic Kingdom is never more magical than at Christmastime.  It’s the one thing that could possibly make the happiest, most magical place on earth even more happy and more magical!

Main Street is just resplendent in all of the Christmas finery.


You just can’t help but feel the spirit – not just in the decorations, but in everything!

It’s our favorite time of the year to go!  This was the fifth year that we traveled down the weekend between their birthdays.



On Christmas party days we head in as soon as they will let party guests (around 3:45 – or after Festival of Fantasy has finished up on Main Street).  Since we had annual passes this year we scooted in even a tad earlier at around 3:30.  Our first stop is always at Starbucks – getting ready for a late night!

You can make up to 3 fast passes if you time them right on just a party ticket alone!  Shoot for times between 3:30 and 7PM.  They can be made 60 days out if staying at Disney resort or 30 days out if not.  We always try to pick the same ones – Mine Train, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain.  Another great choice at Christmas is the Jungle Cruise as it converts to the Jingle Cruise this time of year and is quite festive.  We squeeze in as much as we can before 7PM!!

I had the great fortune of attending TWO parties this year – one with my family and fam friends and another with Mother, Sister and CeeCee!  We came in early for both parties, but on the first one we missed all the fun treats as you enter after 4PM.  Definitely loop back around and catch it if you come in too early.  There is a whole area just for guests with cute photo ops and snowman sugar cookies!

Be sure to catch Elsa’s castle lighting before the park closes to regular guests.  You will want to be in the Main Street or hub area for this.  If you are seeing the first parade, you will have a view from wherever you have scouted out your seats if in this area.

Now, at the first party we attended the first parade and had our seats about 1.5 hours early to ensure we were in the thick of Main Street.  In my opinion, this is THE place to be for this parade.  The combination of the grand tree and icy castle at each end with snow falling from above is just priceless.  We almost always see the first parade and, since we’ve been in the park for 3.5 hours by this point we are ready for a break anyway.  We usually send a scout for dinner at Casey’s and just chill while we wait.  The firs tparade is more crowded (ie. get your seat earlier) but I like sitting where I like sitting and it’s much easier to secure if you’re willing to wait at the first parade over the second parade.

At the second party we did the second parade.  We had to get our seats about an hour in advance for this one – just as soon as the fireworks were over.  They weren’t quite as good as our seats for the first party.  I think I prefer to be on the side of the street with Casey’s for some reason.  The benefit to the other side, however, is that you can really only fit 2 deep within the tape so you won’t have loads of people staring down the back of your neck.  The second parade is exactly the same as the first but it’s a little more tricky to get a good seat.  You must be sitting IMMEDIATELY after the fireworks if you want to be on Main Street.

Main Street is so lovely just before the parade rolls!

And entertainers keep things, well, entertaining.

It’s also a great time to send people for hot cocoa and cookie deliveries :-)


This is the most sensational parade of the year.  I love it from the very beginning to the very end.


At the first party we skipped the fireworks to see characters and do some rides.  I don’t recommend this, although these two were cute :-)


Because the fireworks are SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  You really cannot appreciate them from anywhere in the park other than Main Street or the hub area.  The Christmas songs, projections and fireworks all together are like nothing you’ve ever seen.  This is not a “if I’ve seen one fireworks show I’ve seen them all” kind of affair :-)

We knocked out a ton of rides during the first parade and then a few more after the second parade.  It will work the same if you see the first parade – as soon as the fireworks are done head off to the rides.  At both parties wait times were non-existent.  You can get a TON in!!!


By 11:45, your rides will look like this…

As long as you are IN a line at midnight, you will get to ride it.  And, if you have it in you, save your shopping until after midnight :-)  The stores stay open for another hour.  And the park is just gorgeous as it empties.

Both nights were absolutely magical.  I would highly recommend skipping a day on your park passes to attend the party.

Have a very merry Christmas and see ya real soon, Disney!


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6 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party}

  1. Enjoyed seeing your pictures of MVMCP. We were there last week and I am so grateful for all of your tips and testimonials. MVMCP was our favorite event all week! It was definitely a trip we will never forget. <3 Jenny

  2. So so fun!!! My brother and sister-in-law leave tomorrow (with their 4 kiddos) for all the Christmas fun at Disney. I loved your pics and now I must go at Christmas time. We were there in October in 2015 and loved all the Halloween fun but, I need to see Christmas for sure!!

  3. I always love your Disney posts!!!! Ohh I forgot to tell you too …. my friend from college just opened an Etsy shop selling beautiful floral Mickey ears. They are gorgeous. Her shop is called “Palace Floral” and you should check it out. I feel like they are totally your style. I’m already trying to scope out my fav pair for our food and wine trip in October. Sooo far away!!!!!

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  4. So fun!! My 5 yr old just walked in while I was reading this and he LOVED all the pictures. He’s obsessed with the fireworks at Disney World. He watches them on YouTube and he is sooo ready to go see them in person. Fingers crossed we can do it soon. As always, I loved reading all about how fun it was. :-)

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