Around Atlanta {Adventure Trail Rides + Blue Ridge GA}

Another one bites the dust on my 40×41 bucket list and boy was it FUN!!!  At age 40 I hopped on a horse for the first time in my life.  Sister rode competitively when we were little, but I was always way too scared.  Well, for Christmas this past year Honey picked a few of the incomplete items off my bucket list and this was one of them.  I opened a My Little Pony and was thoroughly confused until he told me to look on the back where he had taped information about our afternoon trail ride in Blue Ridge Georgia!!  Well, a few short weeks later and we were headed up to the North Georgia mountains for the day.

We headed to downtown Blue Ridge to fuel up for our adventure.  We’ve been quite a few times at different times of the year and have always enjoyed it.

We lunched at Chester’s on Main Street on the recommendation of a coworker.  It was SOOOO yummy!  We went on a Sunday and got there right when they opened at 12:30.  I had no clue it would be so crazy with a line out the door for opening.  We scored the last table in the house.  The food was SUPER yummy and the “double special Chester’s bloody mary” that is not on the menu was like none I’ve ever had.  Honey and I both had the grilled cheese and tomato soup and completely gobbled it up.  Whit had a flatbread and John had wings.  We all loved our meal.

After lunch we popped in Huck’s General Store.  It’s always a lot of fun to shop their vintage candy and other odd offerings.  Honey was extremely indulgent and let both of them spend Christmas money on piles of candy.  Of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw in a few items as well.

Our next stop was the jerky store.  Ugh!  They spied it and all three of them were game.

After our Main Street excursion, we were off to Adventure Trail Rides.  Honey did a lot of research to settle in on this place.  He thoughtfully felt that I would have a lot more fun and a better experience on trails as opposed to a barn ring (or whatever you call that).  He was right!  It was a wonderful experience!!

He made the reservations in advance and after checking in we poked around for a few minutes while our guide got ready to saddle us up.

Just a few minutes later, I was settled in on Polly.  The horses all felt huge, but were so gentle and easy going.  I almost immediately forgot that I was terrified.

We winded through the mountain trails for one hour with our guide.  It was a beautiful Sunday!

At this point we stopped to see three states!  Georgia on the left, Tennessee in the middle and North Carolina on the right.  I also loved this quaint little red barn that we passed.

The boys had been on ponies before at Jay’s birthday party, but this was their first time full blown riding.  All four of us had a wonderful day.  I thought we’d be SUPER sore, but we really weren’t.

Back at the ranch we said goodby to our horses.  Here’s to you, Polly, for giving this old girl her first ride.  I was in good hooves.

I thought it fitting that I wore my new Adventure is Out There bracelet that I got to remember this two year adventure by.  It was like it was made for me :-)

Many, many thanks and all my love to Honey that made this day happen.  Adventure IS out there!


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Blue Ridge, GA is about 1 1/2 hour drive from metro Atlanta.


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6 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Adventure Trail Rides + Blue Ridge GA}

    1. Thank you!! My bestie M is a whiz at pairing songs with my videos – I can’t really take all the credit. I call her my personal music concierge :-)

  1. Awww. Good for you! My #1 is deathly afraid of horses (she was thrown off one at camp one summer). It’s sad because she loved them when she was a little girl. My mother owned one when I was little, and I grew up riding them for pleasure.

    1. Oh how wonderful that you grew up riding. I can see now why people love it so much. It was a wonderful (and thrilling) experience for me! The littles loved it so much as well. I’m glad they won’t grow up with my fear.

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