Happy Birthday CeeCee + A Winner

Today our precious CeeCee turned FOUR years old!  My time does fly.  As Sister said to me this morning, it’s hard to remember life before her.

She has been such a constant source of joy, laughter and love for all of us.  I think our family needed one little princess to complete us :-)

Ever since this summer, she has been so excited to turn four.  I asked her why months ago and she said “because when I’m four I’ll be a person.”  I asked her what happens when she becomes a person and she replied “I’ll get to drink Coke and wear lipstick just like y’all.”  I mean, she is literally the most perfect child <3

Happy Birthday precious angel.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you next weekend!!!



PS. These photos, like the ones I shared of the boys and me last week, are by Jessica of Dalton Lane photography.  Mention my blog post and she will take $50 off if you book a photo session.

PPS. The winner of my Christmas Jars book giveaway is grammygoodwill!  Please email me with your mailing address!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CeeCee + A Winner

  1. Oh, my word. What a beautiful child. Please tell her she doesn’t need the lipstick but Coke is great!
    Thank you for the giveaway. I will enjoy that book so much.

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